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The IU Kokomo Campus Archives collects, organizes, and preserves the historic documents, photographs, objects, and more of Indiana University Kokomo. Image collections include the Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Photograph Collection, the Robert Coughlan Photograph Collection, and photographs and slides that document the activities, people, campus, and community of IU Kokomo. More information about the IU Kokomo Campus Archives is available at http://www.iuk.edu/library/library-collections/campus-archives.php.

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Coughlan Photographs

Robert Coughlan Photograph Collection

Robert Coughlan, 1914-1992, was a journalist and author, notably publishing articles in LIFE and Fortune prior to ghostwriting Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s memoir, Times to Remember. A native of Kokomo, Indiana, Coughlan was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Indiana University in 1988. This collection documents Coughlan’s personal and professional life, including his international reporting in Italy, France, Russia, Egypt, and Kenya. These photographs were gathered and captioned by Patricia Coughlan, Coughlan’s wife, upon donation in 1994.

Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Photographs

Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Photograph Collection

The Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Photographs Collection contains 132 photographs donated by David R. Cormier, former assistant coordinator for Labor Studies at Indiana University Kokomo. These photographs are part of the larger Midwest Migrant Farm Worker Collection, described by Cormier as follows: “The primary focus is on materials from the first grape and lettuce boycotts, the volunteer boycott support committees which were set up in northern and central Indiana, the activity with migrant workers during that period here in the Midwest, and related information from the UFW from that period.” These photographs document Cormier’s experiences with these boycotts and notably include candid photographs with Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and fellow labor organizers.