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Michael Nixon is a veteran of the Black music and entertainment industry with over 40 years of experience in marketing and promotion. After working in radio, television and the record industry—including stints at WHUR-FM, WBLS, WEA Distribution, Elektra, RCA, and HBO—Nixon shifted to music industry magazines. In 1988, he was hired as advertising director for the magazine Black Radio Exclusive (BRE), while also pursuing acting roles in television. By the following year, Nixon was on the cutting edge of marketing for the emerging hip hop scene. He created the music industry's first weekly radio rap chart for the San Francisco based publication The Gavin Report, then assisted with the creation of Rap Sheet, possibly the world's first hip hop newspaper. From 1993-1994, Nixon worked as an account executive for Billboard magazine, where he had accounts with many of the major record labels and radio stations The Michael Nixon photographs date between approximately 1977 and 2006, including time spent by Nixon at Howard University through his professional career in the music industry.

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