If this is the first time you are using a MPEG Viewer inside NETSCAPE, it must be associated with the video clips (i.e., the mpeg files). In NETSCAPE go to OPTIONS from the pulldown menu and select GENERAL PREFERENCES. Choose the HELPERS tab and select the CREATE NEW TYPE button. In the "Configure New Mime Type" window, enter "video" as the Mime Type, and "mpeg" as the Mime Subtype. Click OK. Check that the file extensions dialog is set to "mpg" in the HELPERS window. Click on the BROWSE button and navigate to the mpeg executable on your hardrive. After making your selection, click OK. Check that "launch the application" has been selected. Finally, click OK to associate the player with the video clips. Now it will be possible to play a video (in the movie directory) simply by clicking on it.

Alternatively, you can select any mpeg file and NETSCAPE should determine the correct Mime Type/Subtype and prompt you for the location of the MPEG Viewer.

If you do not already have a MPEG Viewer configured, you can extract and install a shareware version available with this CD-ROM. Versions can be found on this CD-ROM for SGI IRIX, MACINTOSH, SUN SOLARIS, WINDOWS 3.1, WINDOWS 95, and WINDOWS NT under the \software\mpeg\archive directories.

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