U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Furnaces and Stoves #5 and 6
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1909-03-12
ID: CRA-42-103-027
Caption: Furnaces and Stoves #7 and 8
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1909-03-12
ID: CRA-42-103-028
Caption: Furnace Skip Incline and Hoist House #5
Subjects: Furnaces
Inclined planes
Date: 1909-08-08
ID: CRA-42-116-102
Caption: Furnaces Stoves and Gas Mains #5 and 6 and Cast House
Subjects: Furnaces
Gas industry
Date: 1909-09-23
ID: CRA-42-116-139
Caption: Furnaces, Stoves, Dust Catcher and Down Comer, #7 and 8
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1909-05-06
ID: CRA-42-103-034
Caption: Gas Mains To Boiler and Blowing Engine Houses To Furnaces 5 To 8
Subjects: Industrial facilities
Gas industry
Date: 1909-10-26
ID: CRA-42-117-025
Caption: Gas Mains To Electric Station and Blowing Eng. House Furnace 5 To 8
Subjects: Gas industry
Power plants
Industrial facilities
Date: 1909-06-17
ID: CRA-42-116-072
Caption: Gas Producer to Open Hearth Foundry
Subjects: Furnaces
Gas industry
Date: 1909-04-20
ID: CRA-42-103-032
Caption: Gear and Motor 32" Bloomers Billet Mill
Subjects: Machinery
Steel industry
Date: 1909-07-23
ID: CRA-42-116-087
Caption: General Panorama View Coke Ovens From West End, Plates #1-2
Subjects: Coke industry
Railroad tracks
Date: 1909-11-30
ID: CRA-42-117-062
Results 81 - 90 of 197