U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Billet Mill. View Looking into Good End of Coupling Box
Subjects: Machinery
Date: 1913-06-24
ID: CRA-42-104-081
Caption: Billet Mill. View Looking Toward End of Coupling
Subjects: Machinery
Date: 1913-06-24
ID: CRA-42-104-082
Caption: Bin Walls and Furnace Foundations #5 and 6
Subjects: Foundations
Date: 1907-12-19
ID: CRA-42-116-028
Caption: Bi-Plane at Gary Works
Subjects: Biplanes
ID: CRA-42-113-050
Caption: Blacksmith Shop. Largest Hook Ever Forged in B.S., Weight 900 lbs. for Open Hearth Ladle Crane
Subjects: Forge shops
Iron & steel workers
Hoisting machinery
Date: 1913-04-23
ID: CRA-42-104-044
Caption: Blast Furnace #12
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1927-07-22
ID: CRA-42-113-014
Caption: Blast Furnace #1-2 and Ore Docks
Subjects: Furnaces
Ore industry
Piers & wharves
Truss bridges
Storage facilities
Date: 1916-11-06
ID: CRA-42-108-009
Caption: Blast Furnace #9 and Stoves of #9 and 10. 14 Courses up
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1907-02-16
ID: CRA-42-100-104
Caption: Blast Furnace #9. Erecting Cast House Trusses
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1907-07-16
ID: CRA-42-101-076
Caption: Blast Furnace #9; Stoves for 9 and 10 and Skip Tank for 9, about 11 Courses Up
Subjects: Furnaces
Storage tanks
Structural frames
Date: 1907-02-02
ID: CRA-42-100-094
Results 211 - 220 of 2228