U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: View Showing Where Intake is Located
Subjects: Industrial facilities
Date: 1931-03-02
ID: CRA-42-114-074
Caption: View of Grand Calumet River Looking East from Broadway
Subjects: Office buildings
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-113-021
Caption: New York Central Railroad Station at Gary
Subjects: Railroad stations
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-061
Caption: View Looking South on Broadway from N.Y.C. Tracks
Subjects: Streets
Railroad tracks
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-062
Caption: View Showing Gary Post Office
Subjects: Post offices
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-063
Caption: View Showing Jefferson St. from 6th Ave.
Subjects: Streets
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-064
Caption: Gary Post-Tribune Building, 451 Broadway
Subjects: Buildings
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-065
Caption: View of Territory South of Grand Calumet River and West of Virginia St.
Subjects: Land
Date: 1931-02-28
ID: CRA-42-114-066
Caption: Support for Bessemer Converter
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1930-02-03
ID: CRA-42-113-020
Caption: View Showing Effect of Snow Storm
Subjects: Railroad tracks
Date: 1929-12-18
ID: CRA-42-113-019
Results 71 - 80 of 2228