U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Clubhouse, Gary Country Club
Subjects: Clubhouses
Country clubs
ID: CRA-42-112-019
Caption: Entrance to Country Club
Subjects: Country clubs
ID: CRA-42-112-020
Caption: Baseball Game Between Eastern and Western Sections of Gary Works, Benefit of Emerson Girls Band
Subjects: Baseball players
ID: CRA-42-112-121
Caption: Gary High School Football Team
Subjects: Football players
School children
ID: CRA-42-113-001
Caption: School Construction (Emerson?)
Subjects: Building construction
ID: CRA-42-113-002
Caption: Jefferson School
Subjects: Schools
School children
ID: CRA-42-113-003
Caption: Playground
Subjects: Playgrounds
School children
ID: CRA-42-113-004
Caption: Classroom
Subjects: Classrooms
ID: CRA-42-113-005
Caption: William A. Wirt (Superintendent of Schools)
Subjects: School superintendents
ID: CRA-42-113-006
Caption: Announcement of Wirt Speech
Subjects: Announcements
School superintendents
ID: CRA-42-113-007
Results 2081 - 2090 of 2228