U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

About the Collection

This collection is currently held at the Calumet Regional Archives (CRA) at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. A set of glass plate negatives for these images was probably donated to the CRA by the U.S. Steel Gary Works during the 1976 Bicentennial, but no Deed of Gift was signed until March of 1997. Prints of the negatives were made by the CRA through a grant. An few additional prints were added to the collection in 1991.

The short descriptions provided with each photograph in the collection were created by the archivist at the CRA, often based on writing upon the negative itself. However, a few photographs are accompanied by a slip of paper with a much longer description, seemingly used by the U.S. Steel Corporation as descriptive information whenever they would distribute a photo. While we are still in the process of transcribing these longer descriptions, some may be found in the "Description" field below the large version of a photograph.