U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971


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Gary, Indiana

City of Gary Home Page. Includes a section on the history of Gary.

Gary Chamber of Commerce.

Gary - America's Magic Industrial City. "A site devoted to save, preserve, and disseminate information relating to Gary, Indiana architectural history.

"Gary, Elbert Henry". Entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia on the man for whom Gary was named.

The Gary (Indiana) Historical & Cultural Society. Includes a photo-history page on Gary.

The Indiana Historic Architecture Home Page. Includes a section on Gary and information about preserving Indiana landmarks.

Lake County, Indiana. Official home page.

Lost Indiana. Site devoted to crumbling Indiana landmarks that includes a few from Gary.

Miller Beach Community Pages.

The Octave Chanute Pages. Focuses on Chanute's contributions to the invention of the airplane and his glider experiments in the Indiana Dunes in 1896.

Save the Dunes Council. Organization devoted to maintaining and restoring the integrity and quality of the natural environment of the Indiana Dunes region


American Iron and Steel Institute.

International Iron and Steel Institute.

United Steelworkers of America. Home page for the Steelworkers union.

U.S. Steel Gary Works Home Page.

Virtual Steel Works. Includes sections on how steel is made, a cross-section of a pouring ladle, and a photo exhibit.

Related Collections at the Calumet Regional Archives

Adam Benjamin Papers - constituent files, local and national steel industry files, Congressional Steel Caucus files, project files dealing with public works in the Calumet Region, legislative files, appropriations files, budget committee files, bill files, schedule files, reports and printed materials files, and photos, relating to Benjamin's service in U.S. Congress. Topics include local economic development, transportation, urban renewal, and environmental programs in the Calumet Region.

City of Gary Collection- images of Gary and US Steel, including downtown buildings, churches, politicians, events, and other subjects in Gary history.

Charbonneau Family Papers - agreements and job manuals from Gary Works.

Clifford E. Minton Papers - correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, printed materials, clippings, photos, and other papers, relating to Minton's activities as an official of urban leagues in Little Rock, Ark. (1939-1946), Cleveland, Ohio (1946-1949), and Gary, Ind. (1949-1965); together with papers relating to his later work as a consultant to the federal government.

Dorreen and William Carey Papers - newsletters, flyers, and photographs documenting the efforts of female steelworkers to call attention to and action on issues of significance to women industrial workers in the steel mills of Gary and other area cities.

Elaine Kaplan Papers - correspondence, minutes, reports, legislation, and printed materials, dealing with anti-pollution efforts in Gary and elsewhere in the Calumet Region. Includes materials produced by various local, state, regional, and federal agencies, and Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coordinating Committee.

Fosty Bella Papers - contains a run of the Gary Works Circle, 1916-1929, Gary's Silver Jubilee photographs, and Gary parks images. Also, contains a run of US Steel annual reports and a run of a US Steel publications, Steel Columns and Steelways.

Gary Chamber of Commerce Records - articles of incorporation, bylaws, correspondence, minutes, annual and committee reports, resolutions, printed material, blueprints, maps, and photos, relating to the chamber's efforts to attract new industry to the city, committee actions, public activities, housing, transportation, the steel industry, and Gary public schools. Includes records of Gary Industrial Foundation which after 1945 served as the arm of the chamber involved in attracting new industries.

Gary Historical Society Records - correspondence, scrapbooks, pamphlets, programs, postcards, newsclippings, and photos, relating to the history of Gary, Ind. Subjects of photos include downtown construction, buildings, beginnings of U.S. Steel's Gary Works, politicians, workers, and various Gary sites.

George Chacharis Papers - personal correspondence, speeches, reports, campaign advertisements, broadsides, printed material, clippings, artifacts, and photos, relating to Chacharis's activities as Gary mayor, quarrels with Gary Chamber of Commerce and Gary Post-Tribune, trial and conviction on charges of tax evasion, and involvement in the trial of Tom Fadell, a Lake County assessor, convicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Herb Lukmann Papers - a small collection of prints and negatives from various scenes in northwest Indiana offers visual information on US Steel's Gary Works, Gary Rooselvelt sports, transportation, and other subjects. Herb Lukmann worked as a photographer for the Gary Post-Tribune.

Herschel Bornstein Papers - correspondence, minutes, and other papers, relating to Bornstein's activities as Gary's public health commissioner, including material relating to attempts to control air pollution produced by U.S. Steel's Gary Works, a city dump controversy, and the city's venereal disease control program; together with printed material relating to air and water pollution and health activities in Gary and Lake County, Ind.

International Institute of Northwest Indiana Records - correspondence, minutes, case files, and scrapbooks, relating to the institute's activities in assisting immigrants in naturalization proceedings, acquainting foreign newcomers with social, employment, education, and governmental resources in the area, and facilitating inter-cultural enrichment.

John Oglesby Papers - correspondence, scrapbooks, artifacts, and photos, relating to the activities of Steel Workers Organizing Committee in Gary's sheet and tin mills in the late 1930s.

John L. Howard Papers - includes correspondence, agreements, and other materials about United Steelworkers of American Local 1014 at Gary Works.

John Mayerik Papers - photographs, newspapers, leaflets, and other printed materials documenting the early years of USWA Local 1014 at Gary Works.

Kenneth Resur Papers - contains many images and programs of US Steel's concert band, the Carillco Band, at Gary Works.

Paul Dremeley Papers - a collection of files from a steelworker and Gary resident, including diaries/memoirs, photographs of mill and town, and other materials.

Post-Tribune Library Collection - includes Lake County auditor reports and reports from various Gary, Ind., municipal offices.

R.O. Johnson Papers - the materials on this collection span the years 1913 to 1935, and contain some interesting political material, both local and national.

Samuel C. Evett Papers - correspondence, legal briefs, depositions, convention proceedings, transcripts of oral history interviews, campaign leaflets, printed materials, clippings, photos, and other papers, relating to Evett's activities as an organizer of Steel Workers Organizing Committee, and later, United Steelworkers of America, locals in Chicago, Ill., and elsewhere in the Calumet Region; together with correspondence, newsletters, programs, and other printed material, relating to Munster Lions Club, Munster, Ind.

Terry Steagall Papers - correspondence, minutes, newsletters, and agreements, relating to Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers International Union Local 7-336, representing workers at the Lever Brothers Company soap plant in Hammond; together with materials relating to the parent union and various printed materials issued by Lever Brothers. Topics of particular interest about Gary include minority hiring and plant closing legislation.

United Steelworkers of America Collection - pamphlets and other printed material in this collection furnish general data on the history of the USWA in the region, including newspapers of union women groups and District 31 newsletters.

U.S. Steel Corporation Collection - booklets, brochures, annual reports, and various publications produced by Gary Works and the US Steel Corporation.

USWA Local 1014 Records - a small collection of newsarticles and other materials documenting the history of this local.

USWA Local 3008 Records - various printed materials and files from a union local based at Gary Works.

William A. and Mildred H. Wirt Papers - correspondence, writings, Gary public school system reports, financial records, printed materials, clippings, photos, and other papers, relating to the personal and professional activities of Wirt, superintendent of Gary Public Schools (1897-1938) and his wife, Mildred H. Wirt, head of the Auditorium Program in the city's schools.