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1. Action Item: Approval is requested for a resolution amending the Policy on Indemnification, which was originally approved in 1971, and amended in 1991.


WHEREAS , on May 22, 1971, the Board adopted a Resolution concerning the indemnification of any person against whom any action is brought or threatened by reason of the fact that such person is or was a trustee, officer, agent or employee of Indiana University, or is or was serving at the request of Indiana University as a trustee, director, officer, agent or employee of any corporation, partnership, trust or other entity or enterprise; and

WHEREAS , on June 20, 1991, the Board adopted a Resolution amending the 1971 Indemnification Resolution, clarifying that the 1971 Resolution was not intended to apply to internal University dispute resolution procedures; and

WHEREAS , the 1971 and 1991 resolutions contain outdated language; and

WHEREAS , the Trustees of Indiana University believe it to be in the best interest of Indiana University to amend the 1971 and 1991 Resolutions to reflect the University's current practice.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED , that the Resolutions of 1971 and 1991 are hereby amended and adopted to read:

Unanimously approved on a motion duly made and seconded.

2. Action Item: Approval is requested for a resolution to amend the Policy on Public Art.


WHEREAS , the current Public Art Policy provides that all permanent exterior art installations are subject to review and approval by the Board of Trustees; and

WHEREAS, historically, the Trustees have not wished to exercise all of the authority given to them under this policy.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED , that the current Public Art Policy is amended and adopted to read:


All exterior art installations.

Policy Statement

All permanent exterior art installations that affect or may affect the structural integrity of any building and/or facility ("permanent structural art installations") are subject to review and approval by the Board of Trustees, typically after full discussion by the Facilities Committee. Projects are brought to the Committee by the Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities. The President, pursuant to his delegation of authority, has authority to approve all other exterior art installations, including permanent exterior art installations. Such other permanent exterior art installations must still be brought through the Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities even if review and approval is not required by the Board of Trustees.

The President has the authority to delegate, to the Campus Arts Committee and/or others as he sees fit, any temporary outdoor installation or any student exhibit.

All exterior installations, whether permanent or temporary, shall be reviewed by the University Landscape Architect and the department on each campus charged with maintenance of the physical plant for compliance with safety, structural and code requirements. The Office of Risk Management is responsible for insurance arrangements.

Each campus should seek to collaborate with the adjoining community in planning for public art installations on lands adjoining the campus.

Reason for Policy

To insure that all exterior changes to each Indiana University campus are subject to appropriate and consistent review. To support the special role Indiana University plays in contributing to the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of the state by encouraging each campus to promote its unique exceptional beauty and to create opportunities for the visual arts to take their proper place in the cultural life of the community of which each campus is a part.


The President shall determine the members to be included on the Campus Arts Committee.

Responsibilities of the Campus Arts Committee are to make recommendations to the President regarding:

  1. Temporary outdoor installations and student exhibits as defined in the Definitions section of the Policy;
  2. Complaints or other matters referred by the President;
  3. Plans for permanent installations;
  4. Acceptance of gifts of art or of monies to acquire works of art affected by this policy;
  5. Repair, restoration, or removal of public art;
  6. Public art for heavily trafficked interior space


  1. Temporary outdoor installations: those installed for periods of less than one year in a campus-designated site reviewed periodically with the University Landscape Architect, the campus master planner, and other university officials as needed.
  2. Student exhibits include: student and alumni works temporarily displayed by each School or Department of Art for periods less than six months in a site recommended by the School or Department.
  3. 3. Permanent exterior installations: those installed permanently in the exterior of any building on any IU campus.
  4. 4. Permanent structural art installations: those art installations which will affect the structural integrity of an existing building or which require alterations to the exterior walls or roof of a building other than the construction of a base or exterior support for the art installation.

Physical Plant is used to refer to that unit on each campus that is responsible for maintenance of buildings and grounds. It is referred to as Physical Plant on Bloomington, Kokomo, Northwest, and Southeast campuses. Exceptions are at IUPUI (Campus Facility Services), East (Physical Facilities), and South Bend (Facilities Management).

Unanimously approved on a motion duly made and seconded.

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