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Board President Walda called on Trustee Eichhorn for a resolution regarding the "Conditions for Cooperation Between Employee Organizations and Administration of Indiana University."


WHEREAS, the "Conditions for Cooperation between Employee Organizations and the Administration of Indiana University" (hereinafter "Conditions for Cooperation"), adopted by the Board of Trustees of Indiana University on July 7, 1966, and revised on May 19, 1967, and March 7, 1987, establishes the status of certain employee organizations within the University; and

WHEREAS, it is desirable that Section 2.(b) of the Conditions for Cooperation be modified so that the procedure for resolving disagreements concerning appropriate staff units be vested only in the authority of the President of the University and the Board of Trustees;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that paragraph (b) of Section 2. of the Conditions for Cooperation is now amended to read as follows:

(b) The term "appropriate staff unit" means any unit agreed to by the University and an employee organization entitled to formal recognition and seeking exclusive recognition in accordance with the terms of this document. In the event of a disagreement between officials representing the administration of the University and the employee organization concerning the composition of an appropriate staff unit, the President shall designate an appropriate staff unit subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.

Board President Walda called on Trustee Todd for a resolution concerning amendments to the Code of Student Ethics.


WHEREAS, the University Faculty Council has approved amendments to the Code of Student Ethics relating to "fighting words" and related issues, and

WHEREAS, Board of Trustees approval is required on the amendments;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Trustees of Indiana University hereby approve the amendments to the Code of Student Ethics, as approved by the University Faculty Council, and as represented in Attachment A, 1-3.

Trustee Richardson asked if this amendment had been approved by the Student Senate.

Trustee Todd stated that it has been approved by the IU Bloomington Student Association. He said that the Student Association had proposed an additional amendment, for which agreement on it with the faculty must be pursued before coming before the Board.

Trustee Black asked for confirmation that the amendment before the Board did not restrict freedom of speech in any way.

Trustee Richardson commented that the amendment actually opens it up.

Board President Walda added that broadening the definition was the purpose of the Supreme Court decision.

Trustee Todd stated that the amendment maintains the fighting words clause that has been recognized, but removes the previous distinction between various types of fighting words and brings it into one clause.

Board President Walda called for the vote.

Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.

Trustee Gonso stated that at the May 7, 1993 Board Meeting, a resolution on faculty effort had been presented, but was not voted on pending further consideration. At that meeting, Board President Walda requested Trustees Gonso, Eichhorn, and Mack to study the issue. Trustee Gonso reported that they had met and had several changes to propose.

One of the proposed changes to the resolution presented May 7, 1993, was in the sixth RESOLVED paragraph of the original draft, that change being to strike the word "Commission" and insert in its place the words, "Joint Committee."

Trustee Richardson suggested that subsection 6 of the proposed resolution was not as specific as he would like it to be in regard to the membership and commencement of the Joint Committee.

Board President Walda stated that he believed the Board has perceived a need for an on-going examination of teaching effort and quality Indiana University, and he said that the Board was very interested in pursuing that process in conjunction with the faculty. Therefore, the outline of this Joint Committee is not specified because, for the Joint Committee to be successful, the input of the faculty must be obtained in designing the Committee. The first step will be for representatives of the Board to meet with the faculty and administration to develop an outline for a body to continue to look at teaching effort at Indiana University and excellence in teaching at Indiana University.

Trustee Gonso recommended that the Board designate Trustee Mack as the Board liaison to the Joint Committee, and request that he begin to consult with members of the faculty and administration and other interested parties to develop a mission, charter, and structure for this Joint Committee.

Board President Walda concurred with Trustee Gonso's recommendation of Trustee Mack to the Board liaison to develop this group and to work with the faculty and the administration in putting it all together. He asked for a progress report to be presented by Trustee Mack at a fall meeting. Trustee Todd emphasized subsection 7 and expressed his appreciation of the efforts of the faculty and administration in discussing this issue and developing a means to continue the type of discussion that the Board has had on this issue.

Trustee Black stated that student input into this commission was also important.

Trustee Todd noted that he would be available through his term of office and beyond.

President Ehrlich added his appreciation to the Trustees for their continuing interest in this arena, for their adoption of the faculty effort reports from the chancellors as the reports of the University, for encouraging Indiana University faculty to attain the goals in teaching, research, and service, underscoring the emphasis and importance of all three of those missions, and at the same time recognizing that a commission, or a task force on teaching can be of particular help in assuring that teaching continues to grow stronger.


WHEREAS, The Trustees of Indiana University have the responsibility to ensure that the University in serving the citizens of Indiana by accomplishing its stated missions; and

WHEREAS, renewed and continuing vigilance is necessary to make sure that Indiana University, along with its sister State colleges and universities, makes maximum use of its resources to accomplish its goals; and

WHEREAS, Indiana University is an institution with international prominence in teaching, research and service; and

WHEREAS, Indiana University is comprised of eight unique, diverse campuses, each with different constituencies and challenges; and

WHEREAS, teaching is the primary mission of Indiana University; and

WHEREAS, the Trustees of Indiana University have requested and received a comprehensive report from the chancellors of each IU campus concerning faculty efforts;


1) that the Trustees of Indiana University adopt the faculty effort reports from the chancellors as the report of the University to be circulated to all who have concerns about faculty efforts at IU; and

2) that the Trustees will continue to encourage Indiana University faculty to attain their goals in teaching, research and service, and will expect that the highest standards serve as these goals; and

3) that the Trustees affirm it to be the policy of Indiana University that excellence in teaching will be encouraged in promotion and tenure evaluations; and

4) that by virtue of the complexity of the University and different educational missions of each of the campuses of Indiana University, the Trustees recognize the fact that the faculty on each campus, and even within the campus, will have different standards for their teaching, research and service efforts for the University; and

5) that the Trustees will continue to monitor the goals and accomplishments of IU faculty; and finally,

6) that there be established a Joint Committee on Teaching Excellence and Teaching Effectiveness which shall have as its primary mission encouraging, promoting, and rewarding excellence in teaching; and finally,

7) that the Trustees express their appreciation to the administration and faculty of the University for the outstanding, comprehensive self-analysis which was presented to the Trustees at their meetings of April 2, 1993 and May 7, 1993.

Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.

Board President Walda appointed Trustee Mack as the liaison from the Board to work with the faculty, administration, and students in the implementation of subsection six of the resolution.

Trustee Mack accepted the appointment, and invited the Trustees and the faculty, administration, and students to participate and help create this Joint Committee.

Board President Walda then called on Trustee Black for a resolution.


WHEREAS, The Board of Trustees of Indiana University wishes to acknowledge the achievements of Indiana University's 1992-93 Women's Tennis Program; and

WHEREAS, Indiana's Women's Tennis team coached by Lin Loring finished the season 24-3 overall and 13-0 in the Big Ten; and

WHEREAS, Coach Loring is the winningest coach in Division I Women's Tennis history, with a career record of 470-102 in 20 years and a 428-85 mark in 16 years at Indiana University, this season marking his 15th consecutive 20-win season at Indiana University; and

WHEREAS, as a team Indiana ranked 11th in the nation, with three singles players ranked nationally: Deborah Edelman, Jody Yin, and Rachel Epstein; and

WHEREAS, Deborah Edelman and Rachel Epstein achieved All-American status by their doubles performance in the NCAA tournament.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees expresses their sincere appreciation and thanks to the 1992-93 Women's Tennis Team and to Lin Loring and his coaching staff for bringing honor and distinction to Indiana University.

Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.

Board President Walda asked that this resolution be conveyed to Coach Loring with the request that it be circulated to his team.

Trustee Black also reported that the U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship will be held at the Crooked Stick Golf Club July 19-25, 1993. He said that Riley Hospital will be the recipient of money raised from "Birdies for Babies." The intensive care unit of Riley Hospital will be awarded $100 for every birdie that is made in this golf tournament, which could amount to a sizable contribution.

Trustee Black also reported that Riley Hospital is working with Camp Riley for the summer, a camp for handicapped children.

Trustee Black reported that the Children's Garden Fund at Riley Hospital is being sponsored to raise funds to decorate the various patios at Riley Hospital.


1. Special Meeting to Consider Budget Date to be announced Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Board President Walda stated that the next meeting of the Board would be a special meeting to consider the budget of the University. The meeting will be scheduled for June, and the date and place will be announced as soon as they are set.

2. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis August 24, 1993


The meeting adjourned to meet again on call of the Secretary.

J. Susan Parrish, Secretary

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