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Trustee Matters

l.A.(1) Report of Alumni election of member of Board of Trustees. Secretary Burton reported that Trustee Betty Blumberg Polley was re-elected by the Alumni to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees for the term beginning July 1, 1983, and ending June 30, 1986. The voting was as follows:

Dan Carwile 5,691
Betty Blumberg Polley 15,031
Ballots void 177

l.A.(2) Report of appointment of members of Board of Trustees. Secretary Burton reported the following appointments:

For the period beginning July 1, 1983, and ending June 30, 1986 (Appointed by the State Board of Education, with approval of the Governor):

For the period beginning July .1, 1983, and ending June 30, 1985 (Appointed by the Governor):

John R. Talley

l.A.(3) Oaths of Office. Oaths of office were administered by Trustee Long, with assistance of Trustee Gonso, for the following members of the Board of Trustees:

l.A.(4) Reorganization of the Board for 1983-84. It was recommended that the following officers of the Board of Trustees be reappointed for the year, 1983-84:

l.A. (5) Approval of minutes for meeting of June 17, 1983. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes for the meeting held on June 17, 1983, were approved unanimously as presented.

l.A. (6) Election of member of Board of Directors for Indiana University-Purdue University Foundation at Fort Wayne. It was brought to the attention of the Board that the term of Harriett S. Inskeep as a member of the Board of Directors of the Indiana University-Purdue University Foundation at Fort Wayne expires at the annual meeting in September, 1983. It was recommended that Mrs. Inskeep be reappointed for the term expiring in 1988.

l.A. (7) Nomination of member of Board of Directors of Indiana University Foundation. A recommendation was made nominating Dr. Joseph M. Black as a replacement for Dr. William G. Bannon as a trustee member of the Board of Directors of the Indiana University Foundation.

l.A.(8) Nomination of members of Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research. Nominations were requested for reappointment or replacement of the following members of the Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research:

Unexpired term of Dr. Steven C. Beering - expires October, 1985

Term of Dr. John W. Ryan - expires October, 1983

l.A.(9) Committee assignments for the Board, 1983-84. Trustee Stoner reported that, on an interim basis, for today's meeting Trustee Kampen had attended the Faculty Relations and Personnel Committees, those on which Dr. Bannon had served, and Trustee Talley had attended the Student Affairs and Real Estate and Legal Committees, on which Mr. Gray had served. He stated that new committee assignments would be made prior to the next meeting.

President's Matters

l.B.(l) Remarks by President Ryan. President Ryan presented one item: appointment of a person to be Acting Chancellor for Indiana University Northwest. Now that Dr. Orescanin has assumed officially the office of Vice President for University Relations and until such time as it is possible to appoint a new Chancellor de jour, President Ryan stated, he wished to nominate Dr. Peggy Elliott, Associate Professor of Education and Special Assistant to the Chancellor (Northwest) to act as Chancellor. He reminded members of the Board that Dr. Elliott was an American Council on Education fellow, had worked with the Executive Vice President and the President, and had a number of contacts with the Board. She has gained experience in academic administration, and more recently was the principal party involved in preparing the Northwest Campus for a visit this fall of an accreditation team from North Central Association of Colleges and Universities. Her appointment is to become effective August 3.

Student Matters

l.C.(1) Report from Student Affairs Committee. Trustee Gonso reported that, in addition to the Student Affairs Committee, all Board members had an opportunity to meet with student leaders at lunch. Seven campuses were represented, he stated, and he thanked students for taking time to be present. A common theme from all campuses was preparations underway for the fall semester, including registration procedures, which for some campuses are now computerized.

The representative from East had reiterated some of the comments made by Chancellor Goerke at the morning seminar session about the lack of four-year programs. A specific matter bothering students is that the quality of faculty may deteriorate if the campus does not offer four-year programs.

At the Kokomo Campus, it was reported, a national search is underway for a Student Activities Coordinator, and 72 candidates have applied to date. A Women's Support Program is being developed, reflecting needs felt by the 62% of the students who are women. A larger incoming freshman class than last year is expected.

An update on several matters at Indianapolis included reports that the student book loan program will have increased funding, student support services such as the Financial Aids Department have been moved to a single location in Cavanaugh Hall, computerized registration was successful, there continues to be a space problem for student organizations, and the luncheon series at which student leaders have an opportunity to meet with Vice President Irwin will start next week.

Southeast Campus reported no pressing problems, but its representative mentioned the freshman orientation program which involved 700 students, and stated that work is continuing to solve library usage problems, including excessive noise.

At the Fort Wayne Campus, registration has just been completed. Also, it was reported, good use is being made of the Athletic Center.

Northwest Campus representatives thanked the Student Affairs Committee, because following discussions at the last meeting photo ID equipment has now been obtained.

l.C.(2) Remarks by President, Student Association, Bloomington. Kirk White, President of IUSA at Bloomington, first extended congratulations to Trustee Talley as the new student member for efforts he has made to visit all campuses and learn about student concerns, as well as to the other four Trustees appointed or reappointed. He expressed gratitude for the meeting of Trustees and student leaders at lunch which had given students a good opportunity to become better acquainted with Board members. He also mentioned that at the luncheon he had spoken concerning a proposal of Bloomington students, about which interest has also been expressed at other campuses of Indiana University and at other colleges, that a student be appointed to the State Student Assistance Commission.

After looking over the agenda for the seminar sessions, President White commented, he noticed that one of the issues addressed has been quality of education - quality of Indiana University. He reiterated his belief that students stand with members of the Board on this priority and stated his pleasure that some of the University's best minds had spoken about quality and how it is affected by economic priorities of the State. He reiterated his feeling of the importance, as efforts are made to balance quality and budget constraints, of keeping in mind the costs which students have to pay.

Faculty Matters

l.D.(1) Report from Faculty Relations Committee. Trustee Long reported that there had been two meetings with faculty representatives, one Monday morning at breakfast and another earlier Tuesday afternoon at the Faculty Relations Committee. Prior to the start of the seminar, faculty representatives from all campuses had met and agreed on three points which had been discussed at the breakfast: clarification of the role of the University Faculty Council vis a vis campus faculty organizations; the desire for faculty involvement in external relationships such as those involving the General Assembly, the Higher Education Commission, the Governor, and general public; and access to University records, particularly as such a policy would relate to an employee's own file.

Presentations at the Faculty Relations Committee were on the subject of teaching. Professor Martha McCarthy spoke concerning teaching on the Bloomington Campus, using a series of topics, the first letters of which spelled "commitment," which she characterized as an essential ingredient for effective teaching. Professor Craig Nelson's presentation on teaching had been divided into three parts: "Content," "Gee whiz," and "How to think about science," all of which Trustee Long characterized as being extremely interesting. Professor Jane Mallor had spoken particularly to problems of teaching large classes, which involves overcoming both the restraints the teacher feels and the feeling of anonymity which students can have. Techniques which she uses to keep attention and relieve boredom include using an overhead projector to outline the lecture, and presenting cases in business law by videotape, following which the students divide into groups to determine how the law would apply to the problem presented. Trustee Long stated that the Committee meeting had been pleasant and instructive.

Other General Matters

l.E.(l) Wishard Hospital report. Dean Daly, in compliance with the Board's wish to have a periodic update during negotiations concerning the management agreement with Wishard Hospital, stated that there is to be a six months' transition period in which to integrate the business operations of the Hospital into University administrative procedures. The Steering Committee, which includes University administrators and representatives of the School of Medicine, as well as those from Health and Hospital Corporation and Wishard Hospital administration, has met two times and will meet again this week. Some 21 committees, again, representing both constituencies, have been formed to address various aspects of business problems, such as payroll, personnel, accounting, and data processing; and these committees are meeting on a weekly basis, submitting reports of each meeting to the Steering Committee. Stating that he believes the process is going well, Dean Daly reported that there is little to say about the end product at this point, but that it will be possible to make more definitive comments in another month or two.

I.E.(2) Resolution - Authority of Indiana University Police to serve civil process. Approval of the Board was requested for a resolution ratifying authority of Indiana University Police to serve civil process:


WHEREAS, 1C 1971 20-12-3.5 authorizes this Board to appoint police officers for the University and permits the Trustees to empower such police officers to perform various duties, including service of civil process; and

WHEREAS, Board Resolution dated April 24, 1971, delegated to the President of the University and others he might specify authority conferred upon this Board by 1C 1971 20-12-3.5 but did not specifically refer to service of civil process; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to such delegated authority, the President and the Director of the University Safety Division did allow, permit and direct officers appointed to the Division (now designated as the Indiana University Police Department) on the University's several campuses, to serve civil process; and

WHEREAS, the Director of University Police has asked that the Board Acknowledge, Confirm and Ratify that the action of the President and others who directed such police officers to serve civil process were actions authorized and intended by this Board to be done;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That it was and is the intention of this Board to include the Power to serve civil process among the powers delegated by this Board's Resolution of April 24, 1971; and it is

FURTHER RESOLVED that Board now expressly Recognizes, Confirms and Ratifies that service of civil process made by Indiana University Police Officers in 1972 and since has been by authorization of this Board.

I.E.(3) Resolution - Access to University records. Approval of the Board was requested for a resolution regarding access to University records:

WHEREAS, in its 1983 Session, the General Assembly added to the Indiana Code a new chapter, designated 5-14-3, concerning Access to Public Records; and

WHEREAS, the new Access to Public Records law gives public agencies discretion to adopt policies concerning such matters as access to, procedures and fees concerning the inspection and copying of public records, RESOLVED:

1. That all discretion and authority vested by such law in Indiana University and in this Board are delegated to the President of the University;

2. That the President of the University is directed and authorized to adopt such policies and to delegate to others such authority as may be convenient and in the best interests of this Board and of the University to enable the several campuses and offices of each to comply with the Access to Public Records law.

I.E.(4) Departmental name change, IUPUI - Department of Physiology to "Department of Physiology and Biophysics." Approval of the Board was requested for a change in departmental name of the Department of Physiology at the Indianapolis Campus to "Department of Physiology and Biophysics."

I.E. (5) Establishment of. "Institute for Study of Labor in Society," The Division of Labor Studies, School of Continuing Studies. Approval of the Board was requested for the establishment of an "Institute for Study of Labor in Society," Division of Labor Studies, School of Continuing Studies.

President Ryan explained that there are no budget consequences with either of the above two actions; their purpose is to authorize people to proceed under the banners indicated.

Comments by Trustee Stoner

Trustee Stoner brought two items of interest to the attention of the Board of Trustees: The first was that Trustee Kampen, who is President and Chief Executive Officer of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, had been named by Wall Street Transcript as outstanding chief executive officer in the specialty chemical industry for the past year. The second matter was an announcement that Dr. Robert Ferrell, Distinguished Professor of History, would appear on August 3 on the NBC TODAY program concerning his recent book on the Truman letters. Trustee Gutman wanted the Board to know that despite his eminence he continues to teach freshman and sophomore classes, and that both she and her daughter have been his students.

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