October 23-24, 1954

The Trustees of Indiana University met pursuant to adjournment at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 23, 1954, in Bloomington, Indiana, for dinner in Room E of the Indiana Union and thereafter for a business session at 7:45 p.m. Subsequent to the meeting of the Board on September 17, 1954, at which time the date for the next regular session was established as Sunday, October 24, 1954, it was determined, on the request of the University attorney, that the date of this meeting should be advanced to Saturday, October 23, 1954.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. John S. Hastings, President of the Board of Trustees, and upon roll call the following answered present: Mr. John S. Hastings, Mrs. William F. Maurer, Mr. C. Walter McCarty, Mr. Paul L. Feltus, Mr. Ray C. Thomas, Mr. Willis Hickam, Mr. Frank E. Allen, and Mr. Walter E. Helmke.

Also present were President H. B Wells, J. A. Franklin, Vice President and Treasurer, and F. T. Reed, Secretary of the Board. Mr. George W. Henley, University attorney, was also in attendance.


Transfer of Title to Site of the Union Building Addition

4.(i) In preparation of plans for a bond issue to finance the addition to the Union Building, it is found necessary to transfer title to the site from the State of Indiana to The Trustees of Indiana University, reversing a procedure accomplished in 1901. Authority was requested to ask appropriate State officials to convey title to such land as is required for such construction. Approval by concurrence.

A further problem exists in need for a small portion of the land held under deed by heirs of the Dunn family for the small cemetery adjacent to the proposed site of the Union Addition. This ten-foot triangle, while not within the actual cemetery, is reserved with it under the deed. It was recommended that University attorneys take friendly action to secure a Quit-Claim Deed to this small parcel of land, establishing good title in the land for inclusion under the mortgage covering the bond issue. Approval by concurrence.

Resolution Authorizing Easement to Indiana Power and Light Company for Access Road at Bradford Woods

h.(t) At the meeting of the Board September 17, 1954, authority was granted for the execution of necessary documents covering use by the Indianapolis Power and Light Company of an access road at Bradford Woods, Mr. Henley now advised that the Board of Trustees should adopt a formal resolution, authorizing execution of an easement to the Indiana Power and Light Company for a right-of-way over and across a portion of the Bradford property, lying between State Road Sixty-seven and the Pennsylvania Railroad. Approved adoption of the following resolution (Helmke-Thomas):


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Vice President and Treasurer and the Secretary of The Trustees of Indiana University be authorized to execute and deliver to the Indiana Power and Light Company an easement for a right-of-way over and across a portion of the Bradford estate in Morgan County, Indiana, lying between State Road Sixty-seven (67) and the Pennsylvania Railroad, which shall read substantially as follows:

"THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH, that The Trustees of Indiana University, in consideration of a deed of release and quitclaim this day executed and delivered by Indianapolis Power & Light Company and recorded in Deed Record at page in the Recorder's Office of Morgan County, Indiana, and in further consideration of one dollar and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, convey and warrant to said Indianapolis Power & Light Company, its successors and assigns, a right-of-way and easement upon, over and across the following described real estate, to wit:

A strip of land thirty feet in width located in the northeast quarter of Section 9, Township 12 North, Range 1 East, in Morgan County, Indiana, the center line of which is more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point in the east right-of-way line of State Road 67, as now located, 165 feet south of the north line of said quarter section and running thence north 77 degrees, 31 minutes east, 586 feet; thence north 88 degrees, 39 minutes east, parallel with the north line of said quarter section, 260 feet to the west line of the right-of-way of the Pennsylvania Railroad,

for ingress and egress to and from land owned by said Company lying on the east side of the railroad right-of- way aforesaid, including, but without limiting the generality of this grant, the right to transport over and upon said strip heavy vehicles, machinery and equipment, and for that purpose to improve such strip of land in such manner as said Company sees fit to permit passage thereover, in all seasons, of such vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Reserving, however, to said Trustees the right to use said strip of land as a private roadway, but without obligation of said Trustees to bear any part of the cost of such improvements."

Acquisition of Faris Property, and Other Real Estate Matters

6.(c) Mr. Henley reported to the Board that it now appeared feasible to close negotiations with the Faris heirs on the property previously hold under condemnation proceedings for expansion of various athletic and training programs of the University. Consultation with attorneys for owners of the property indicates that a firm bid of $200,000.00 for 120 acres will be accepted by the heirs, thus making a total cost of $1,360.00 per acre for the entire 160-acre tract, as we now own 40 acres previously purchased. The Board discussed this proposal in detail and agreed on stipulations setting forth an August 1, 1955, deadline for harvesting of crops by the owners and eliminating any consideration of complimentary tickets for athletic events, as requested by the owners. Mr. Henley was then instructed to contact immediately the attorneys for the owners, and, having done so, reported acceptance of the bid as set forth by the Board of Trustees. The Board then required that a written acceptance be secured and unanimously approved completion of the transaction, subject to the required acceptance, with adoption of resolution, as follows (Feltus-Hickam):


WHEREAS, there is pending in the Monroe Circuit Court of Indiana an action by The Trustees of Indiana University against the descendants and heirs at law of Charles Faris, deceased, for the condemnation of that certain tract of land in the Southeast quarter of Section 28, Township 9 North, Range 1 NWest in Monroe County, Indiana, consisting of 120 acres, more or less; and

WHEREAS, heretofore said court held that plaintiff was entitled to so condemn and appointed appraisers as by law provided who have heretofore filed their report, objections and exceptions to which have been filed by both plaintiff and defendants, which exceptions are now pending trial thereof, on the sole question of the fair market value of said real estate; and

WHEREAS, recently there have been certain negotiations and conversations between the parties, by their agents and respective attorneys of record which have resulted in the execution and delivery by defendants attorneys of record addressed to plaintiffs attorney of record for and on behalf of and transmittal to plaintiff, a proposal in settlement and compromise of said cause and for the voluntary sale of said real estate to plaintiff, which written proposal reads as follows:

October 23, 1954

Mr. George W. Henley
Attorney at Law
Bloomington, Indiana

Re: The Trustees of Indiana
University vs Ucal Faris,
et al

Dear Sir:

In accordance with our recent oral conversations relative to the above entitled condemnation proceedings, we are authorized by all of the defendants to enter into the following compromise settlement:

Having in mind the reluctance of our clients to enter into this compromise proposal, we respectfully urge that you convey to us the decision of the Trustees within the next week,

Respectfully submitted,

s/b Leroy Baker
Donald A. Rogers
Norman J. Neely

WHEREAS, it is the sense of this board that said cause should be settled and said real estate acquired for its educational purposes by the conditional acceptance of said written proposal subject to certain exceptions as herein- after set out; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that said written proposal executed on this October 23rd, 1954 by Leroy Baker, Donald A. Rogers and Norman J. Neely, as attorneys of record and for and on behalf of defendants in said cause, be and the same is now hereby accepted as to all of its terms but conditionally on the following conditions and exceptions, to wit:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that when and if the actions of this board herein, including the conditions of its acceptance of said written proposal, are accepted by a further instrument to be executed and delivered by said attorneys of record for said defendants, within six (6) days from this date, this matter shall be considered a contractual finality fully binding on all parties involved; and upon delivery of said deed and abstract the officers of Indiana University are authorized and directed to execute and deliver the University's usual voucher check in payment of the full purchase price of said real estate, at which time the University's attorney is authorized to dismiss said pending cause and exceptions and deliver to the Clerk of said court a voucher check in payment of costs.

Mr. Henley also reported that attorneys for J. Walter Trumpy have agreed to condemnation proceedings on his property, for which we have been negotiating for some time, and that appraisers will be appointed in the near future, Complaint to Appropriate and Condemn Real Estate was filed in Monroe Circuit Court, against J. Walter and Dorothy H. Trumpy on behalf of The Trustees of Indiana University, on October 9, 1954.

Reports on negotiations for acquisition of the R. R. Ramsey property at 615 East Third Street and of the Sam Hight property at 1627 East Third Street were deferred until a later meeting of the Board.

Various Estate Matters: Muhl, Mortland, Peterson, Angell, Conaway, Grant, Burger, Young

6.(j) Mr. Henley discussed various estate matters with the Board and, where required, actions were taken as indicated:


The Board of Trustees adjourned at 9:50 p.m. on Saturday, October 23, 1954, to meet again on Sunday, October 24, 1954, to complete the business of this meeting.

Reconvened Session

The Board of Trustees reconvened at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, October 24, 1954, in the Trustees Room of the Administration Building, with the same members present as in the preceding session and also the same administrative officers. Also present were H. T. Briscoe, Vice President and Dean of the Faculties, J. W. Ashton, Vice President and Dean of the Division of Student and Educational Services, W. W. Wright, Vice President and oDean of the Division of Acdministrative Studies and Institutional Relations, and R. E. Burton, Assistant to the Treasurer.

Approval of Minutes

1. The minutes of the meeting of September 17, 1954, were presented for approval. In discussion, certain amendments to the minutes were suggested and duly recorded. Approved as amended (Helmke- McCarty).

Confirmation of Actions

2. Actions of the administrative officers as listed in Exhibits A and D, bound in the agenda for this meeting, were presented for approval:

President Wells called attention of the Board to the gift of Mrs. Margaret H. McIntosh. Mrs. McIntosh has given the University $10,000.00, subject to use of the income during her lifetime and thereafter during the lifetime of a niece, Mrs. Louella Trinkle McKinney, with no restriction on the use of the money after it comes into full possession of the University. Mr. Franklin requested that the Board formally accept this gift, subject to annuity for the lifetime of the donor and to the same right succeeding to her niece for her lifetime, the annuity return to be the actual earnings on the $10,000.00 invested, and also authorize the investment of this sum in the Consolidated Endowment Fund. Acceptance of the McIntosh gift and necessary authority pertaining thereto granted, and actions of the administrative officers approved (Thomas-Helmke).

Confirmation of Executive Committee Actions: Appointment of Charles iliam Shriner, Change in Beanblossom Lake Location Removal of House at 804 East Third Street

3. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees took action by telephone to approve the following matters:

Confirmation of all Executive Committee actions (Allen-Maurer).

Consideration of Present Situation in Football

5.(d) At the suggestion of Mr. Feltus, the Board opened discussion of the present football situation, with particular emphasis on means which might be taken to encourage Coach Bernard A. Crimmins and his staff. It was stressed that the Board has complete faith in Coach Crimmins, and various suggestions were made as to the proper expression of that feeling. The Board at length unanimously adopted the following motion, as expressing the feeling of all members of the Board: That the Board of Trustees go on record with an expression of its appreciation of the efforts of Coach Bernard A. Crimmins and his entire staff and of its confidence in his ability to develop the kind of team we want. Further, that the members of the Board have every hope and expectation that Coach Crimmins' relationship with the University will continue for many years to come (Thomas-Hickam). President Wells, having already arranged luncheon with Coach Crimmins, was requested to transit this expression of confidence.

Following this action, Dr. Gah T. Bowers of Fort Wayne, an interested and active alumnus, appeared before the Board at 11:15 a.m., to offer suggestions concerning ways and means to bring good athletes to campus, in conformity with regulations of the Intercollegiate Conference. Dr. Bowers received the thanks of the Beard for his interest and assurance that his suggestions would be reported to the Committee on Athletics, After the departure of Dr. Bowers at 11:25 a.m., the Board asked that Professor John F. Moe, Chairman of the Athletics Committee, and Mr. Claude Rich, Alumni Secretary, appear in the December meeting of the Board and detail procedures now in effect to recruit new athletic prospects and to bring prospective athletes to campus where they may be given attention by the athletic staff.

Adjustment in Appointments: Eleanor G. Miller, Dr. William G. Shafer

4.(a) Recommendation was presented for the adjustment of the appointment of Mrs. Eleanor G. Miller, Assistant Professor of Piano in the School of Music, to a part-time basis for the first semester of academic year 1954-55, at salary rate of $562.50 payable on a five months' basis.

Request was also made that Dr. Tilliam G. Shafor, Assistant Professor in the School of Dentistry, be granted the additional title of Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology in the School of Medicine, effective immediately. This action contemplates no change in Dr. Shafer's salary, which will be paid, as heretofore, in its entirety from the School of Dentistry budget. Approval of both recommendations by concurrence,

Change in the Position of Acting Chairman of the Department of German

4.(b) The Dean of the Faculties requested cancellation of the appointment of Norbert Fuerst, Professor of German, as Acting Chairman of the Department of German for the first semester of academic year 1954-55, and appointment of Frederick J. Boharriell, Assistant Professor of German, to the position. Professor Fuerst is unable to serve in this capacity because of illness. Approval by concurrence.

Sabbatical Leave: Alva L. Prickett

4.(c) The following sabbatical leave was approved by the Sabbatical Leaves Committee and recommended by the appropriate administrative officers:

Approved (Feltus-McCarty).

Leaves of Absence: Allman, Herzog

4.(d) Leaves of absence, without salary, were recommended, as follows:

Approval by concurrence.

Resignations: Meiser, Rickey, Thumm

h.(e) The following resignations were presented, with recommendation for acceptance:

Accepted with regret (McCarty-Hickam).

Special Bachelor of Law Degree

4.(f) There was presented the request to grant the special Bachelor of Law degree to Rowland W. Nichols, graduate of The Indiana Law School in 1923. Approval by concurrence.

Developments Relative to Legislative Budget Requests

6.(a) President Wells reported highly favorable developments in the attitude of the Governor and the State Budget Committee toward the legislative budget requests for the biennium 1955-1957, as the result of intensive indoctrination by members of the Board and administrative officers. The executive branch of the state government is in sympathy with the needs for building by the state educational institutions, and it now appears that, using the Federal plan for insuring completion of projects, all buildings on the "A" List, as presented at the July meeting of the Board, with the exception of the Music Building Addition and the Geology Building, will be started in the coming biennium and carried to completion by action of the succeeding General Assembly. If successful, this plan of operation will insure a $10,000,000-program on the Bloomington campus, and between three and four million on the Indianapolis campus, consisting there of the Medical Science Building and Dental School expansion as well as nurses quarters and future hospital expansion.

The situation on the operating budget, while not as favorable as the capital situation, is basically better than in the past. The Budget Committee recommendation, as now understood, will be for $11,992,000 for the first year of the biennium and $12,662,000 for the second, as against our request of $26,649,000.00 for the two years. With the knowledge that this difference will make a tight operating situation, planning is going forward to meet the conditions which will prevail. It is felt that the Budget Committee will vigorously oppose any attempt to cut what they understand to be a scientific, realistic budget need.

Authorization for Formal Contracts with Eggers and Higgins

4.(g) In line with the favorable prospect for capital expansion, the Board was requested to authorize formal contracts with the firm of Eggers and Higgins, supervising architects, for planning in connection with the construction program outlined on the "A" List presented to the Board at the July meeting. Specifically, this planning should include additional ments housing, Humanities and Classroom Building, addition to Swain Hall, the golf house and swimming pool. Other projects should be included as developments in the legislature indicate availability of starting funds. Authorization was also requested to pay the above firm for consulting work in connection with the Geology Building, remodeling of Biology Hall, and external design of the Power Plant. Approved (Helmke-McCarty).


The Board of Trustees recessed for luncheon at 12:55 p.m.

Reconvened Session

The Board of Trustees reconvened at 3:00 p.m., with the same members present as in the morning session. The same administrative officers were present with the exception of Dean W. W. Wright.

Exercise of Option on Harold R. White Property

4.(h) Authority was requested to exercise an option for purchase of lots 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 in Block "A", Highland Homes Addition to the City of Bloomington, given by Harold R. and Muriel Joyce White for the sum of $35,000.00. Improvements include a four-room frame dwelling and a concrete block business building. Funds for this purchase are available in the Halls of Residence Sinking Fund. Approved (Feltus-Hickam).

Easement to State Highway Commission and Negotiation of Damages

4.(j) Authority was requested to grant an easement to the State Highway Commission for a right-of-way for State Road 46 through the North Campus area. In connection with this right-of-way, the State has agreed to pay $70,000.00 in damages to the University for incursion on certain storage buildings and the Botany Research Gardens. Approved (Maurer-Allen).

Authorization for Reception of Bids for the Law School Building and the Medical Science Building, and Wage Scale Reports

4.(k) Authority was requested for reception of bids on November 10, 1954, for construction of the Law School Building and on December 15, 1954, for construction of the Medical Science Building in Indianapolis. Reception of bids approved, with a sub-committee of the Board, consisting of near-by members, to assist administrative officers in reception (Helmke-Hickam).

Wage scale committees have reported, establishing wage rates in connection with construction of the Law School Building, the water tank, and the Medical Science Building.

Award of Contracts for Water Works Improvements in North Campus Area

4.(1) On October 14, 1954, bids were received for the water works improvements necessary in the North Campus area, and, on the recommendation of Garns and Moore, engineers, award of contracts is requested, as follows:

  1. Pump House - Superior Lumber and Building Company, $2,950.00
  2. Pumps - Freyn Brothers, $2,954.00
  3. Elevated Tank - Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, $27,400.00
  4. Tank Foundation - Superior Lumber and Building Company, $2,560.00
  5. Water Mains - Freyn Brothers, $8,718.00.
    Total: $44,582.00.

In each case the recommended award is to the low base bidder with the exceptions of contracts 1 and 5; on these contracts the low base bids were not in accordance with specifications, and award of contract is accordingly recommended to the next low bidder in each case. Approved (Allen-Thomas).

Reconditioning of Ball Residence at the Medical Center

4.(m) A study of the requirements for reconditioning and refurnishing Ball Residence on the Medical Center campus has resulted in the following estimates of necessary expenditures:

Lighting library, reading rooms, etc. $ 4,600.00
Refurbish lounges, lobby, etc. 7,852.08
Bedrooms 1,604.05
Miscellaneous 294.00
$ 28,350.13

Authorization was requested to advance $15,000.00 from Winona Village funds to initiate this project, with anticipation that the total cost of this work will later be obtained from non-University sources. It is proposed that necessary lighting and work in the lounges and lobby be undertaken at this time. Approved (Maurer-McCarty).

Change Order on Lasker Boiler and Engineering Corporation Contract

4.(n) The Vice President and Treasurer requested approval of a change order on the contract of Lasker Boiler and Engineering Corporation for steam generating units of the new power plant, in total amount of $21,478.45, of which $10,383.45 covers structural, steel and the remainder covers relocating of fly ash arrestors, provision for coal valves and spouts, breaching from I.D. fans to stack, and additional instruments. At the time bids were taken for the boilers, Lasker was requested to bid a unit price for the structural steel, but no award was made at that time, which delay permitted inclusion of the structural steel for the boilers in the steel work for the building. After the latter bids were received, it was found that Lasker's unit price was lower, or, in other words, that the cost of the steel for the building would have been increased by a larger amount than the above extra for Lasker. Change order approved by concurrence.

Confirmation of Actions Relating to Construction Projects

4.(o) Confirmation of the following actions in connection with construction projects was requested:

Confirmation of all actions by concurrence.

Extension of Purchase Option on Old Power Plant Equipment

4.(p) At the September meeting of the Board, approval was given of an option granted to Charles eaver of Detroit, Michigan, to purchase the used equipment in the old power plant for the sum of $13,800.00 before October 11, 1954. Authorization was now requested to extend the option time for twenty days, to October 31, 1954. Approval by concurrence.

Transfers from Executive Committee Funds

4.(q) Request was presented for approval of transfers from Executive Committee funds, as follows:

Approval by concurrence.

Award of Contract for Sewers and Treatment Plant at Bradford Woods Camp

4.(r) Recommendation was presented for award of contract for sewers and treatment plant at the James Whitcomb Riley Camp at Bradford Woods to the Columbus Paving Company on its low bid of $16,500.00 for asbestos cement sewer pipe and distributors. Approval by concurrence, subject to action of the Board of Governors of the James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association at its next meeting.

Settlement of Hospital Bill in Murphy Accident Case

4.(s) Unpaid bills in the amount of $3,196.87 have accrued at Long Hospital as a result of medical treatment for serious injuries sustained in an automobile accident by an elderly couple from French Lick, Indiana, named Murphy, and others riding in the vehicle, including a daughter-in-law whose home is in another state. Suggestion has been made that settlement of the account may be effected if the bill is reduced by $1,000.00. Authority was requested to settle this account at the Medical Center for the sum of $2,196.87. Approval by concurrence.

Mrs. Maurer Out of Meeting

Mrs. Maurer left the meeting at 3:40 p.m.

Temperature and Ventilation Control in New Buildings

5.(a) Mr. Franklin brought attention of the Board to the problem of temperature control and air conditioning in new buildings. Heretofore it has been policy to provide such control and air conditioning only in transient living quarters, dining halls, scientific areas and large meeting rooms. The problem becomes acute in planning new buildings of all types because of the general acceptance of temperature control in recent years and the high temperatures common to this area of the state in summer. Architectural planning demands a continuing policy for future buildings, and, if air-conditioning is to be provided, cognizance of increased maintenance and operating costs must be taken. The Board discussed the problem in detail and deferred decision until the next meetig of the Board.

Future Use of Maxwell Hall and Report on Classroom Needs

5.(b) Charles E. Harrell, Registrar, and Donald A. Jones, statistician in Administrative Studies, came into the meeting at 4:05 p.m. to discuss proposed use of Maxwell Hall for classroom purposes, contingent upon completion of the new Law School Building, and other space matters. Charts and statistical material were circulated to the Board, illustrating our critical need for increased classroom and office space based on projected increases in enrollment, which are founded on proved statistics. The Board was most appreciative of this presentation.

Report of the Investment Committee

5.(c) The following report from the Investment Committee was presented for consideration:

Approval of all actions and recommendations embodied in the Investment Committee report by concurrence.

Proposed Building Sites for Gary and South Bend Centers

6.(b) Mr. Thomas reported to the Board that sites in Gary previously considered for extension center purposes had not proved to be suitable, but that it now appears that a park area may be available. This land is situated centrally and consists of approximately 100 acres. Mr. Thomas, Mr. Buhner and Mr. Norman have talked with the Mayor of Gary and have found the city authorities interested in making as much of this ground available as might be needed. The Board evidenced much interest in the proposal and asked Mr. Thomas to continue negotiations for as much of the park area as could be obtained, but a minimum of 15 acres is required.

Mr. Allen reported on the South Bend situation, stating that park land was not obtainable but that there was a site adjoining a park area on the South Bend-Mishawaka highway which may be open for purchase. The Mayor of South Bend, our alumnus Ben Drollinger, and other interested parties are working with Mr. Allen on a project to raise the purchase price of the land locally.

President Wells and the Board joined in expressions of appreciation for the work done by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Allen on these two projects and agreed that the University will give every possible assistance to further operations. In particular, it was agreed that plans for the building on the Gary site should be expedited and preliminary plans for a building on the South Bend site should be put in work. Further information on both projects will be furnished at a later meeting of the Board.

Mr. Allen Out of Meeting

Mr. Allen left the meeting at 5:15 p.m.

Discussion of Future Program of the Indiana School of Religion Deferred

6.(d) A discussion of tentative thinking on the future program of the Indiana School of Religion was deferred until a later meeting.

Discussion of Recent Federal Social Security Legislation Deferred

6.(e) A discussion of recent Federal Social Security legislation was deferred until a later meeting.

Suit by City of Indianapolis as Test Case in the Matter of Sewer Charges

6.(f) The City of Indianapolis has filed suit in Monroe Circuit Court against The Trustees of Indiana University, to test the constitutionality of legislation enacted by the last session of the Indiana General Assembly under which the City of Indianapolis has billed the Indianapolis divisions of Indiana University for sewer charges.

Discussion of Fire Department Sub-station Deferred

6.(g) A discussion of suggestion from the City of Bloomington regarding the possibility of installation of a Fire Department Substation on or near the east perimeter of the campus was deferred until a later meeting.

Further Discussion of Acoustical Tile Problem in Jordan Hall Deferred

6.(h) Discussion of further developments with regard to the problem of acoustical tile installation in Jordan Hall of Biology was deferred until a later meeting.

Letters of Appreciation

6.(i) There was presented to the Board a letter received from the officers of the student body of the Indianapolis Division of the School of Law, expressing satisfaction with the schedule of fees now in effect for the Division. A letter from Dr. Robert A. Garrett accepting his appointment as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Genito- Urinary Surgery, School of Medicine, was also presented.


6.(k) A report on developments in connection with lease held by Dr. Allan K. Harcourt on the Coleman property at Illinois and Vermont Streets, Indianapolis, was deferred until the next meeting of the Board.

A ten-year lease has been executed with The Variety Club of Indianapolis on the first floor, basement and auditorium of the building at 512 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis, at rental of $250.00 per month.

A lease has been executed with N. C. Daniel and Tom Washer, doing business as D. & W. Garage, on building at 517 North Talbot Street, Indianapolis, for the period June 1, 1954, to July 31, 1958, at rental of $400.00 per month.

Report of Riley Assets

6.(1) A report from Fletcher Trust Corany indicates assets in total amount of $1,253,273.76 held for the benefit of Riley Hospital as of September 30, 1954. This represents a total of $33,178.00 less than at the time of the last quarterly report.

Change Orders

6.(m) Change orders, approved in accordance with action of the Board on January 18, 1954, were reported, as follows:

On Jordan Hall of Biology -
Extra of $1,859.00, Hagerman Construction Corporation, covering change in painting specifications, more durable paint being required in some areas.

On new Power Plant -
Extra of $1,960.00, estinghouse Electric Corporation, covering additional duct work because of rearranging of a room.

On the Student Union and Food Service Building at the Medical Center-
Extra of $80.00, Sanborn Electric Company, covering miscellaneous electrical changes.

On the Women's Student Union Building -
Extra of $560.30, Hagerman Construction Corporation, covering installation of angle iron frames for refrigerator doors.

Sale of Houses for Removal

6.(n) The highest bids were accepted for houses to be removed from the sits, as follows: 508 Sunrise, Donald Michael, $306.00; 1100 North Walnut Grove, Charles E. Jones, $57.80. Stops are being taken for sale and removal of the house, known as Maplewood House, located on the site of the now Law School Building.

Accident on Construction Site of New Apartments

6.(o) A serious accident occurred on October 18, 1954, at the construction site of the new apartments. One workman, Rolland Eller, was killed and two others were injured as a result of electric shock from contact between a crane and high tension wires in the area. The injured were all employees of the general contractor, Johnson, Drake and Piper. No liability attaches to the University in this most regrettable occurrence.


6.(p) Report was made of fires which occurred on University property:

September 26, 1954, Hoosier Courts, Building 24, Apartment 5, result of basket of clothes being left on a space heater, no damage to University property, fire department not called;

October 2, 1954, storeroom for Woodlawn Courts, cause undetermined, fire department called, damage approximately $75.00.

Death of B. Winfred Merrill

6.(q) B. Winfred Merrill, Dean Emeritus of the School of Music, died on October 17, 1954. The Board adopted the following resolution by concurrence:


WHEREAS: The death of Barzille Winfred Merrill on October 17, 1954, has taken from us a loyal, capable and respected member of our emeritus faculty, and

WHEREAS: The members of the Board of Trustees, recognizing his many years of faithful service to the University and, as Dean, his unremitting efforts to establish and maintain a truly fine School of Music, realize that Indiana University has lost an excellent and inspiring teacher, a gifted scholar whose studies in the field of music have brought honor to himself and to our institution, and a man whose high ideals have won for him the respect and admiration of his students, his colleagues and his fellow citizens; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED: That we, the Trustees of Indiana University, herewith formally recognize the achievements and the service of Darzillo Winfred Merrill by embodying in our minutes this expression of our sense of loss and our sincere sympathy with his bereaved family; and

BE IT FURIHER RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the members of his family.


The Board of Trustees then adjourned at 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, October 24, 1954, to meet again on Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4, 1954, as was determined at the September meeting of the Board, for the next regular meeting, with the session to begin at dinner, 6:00 p.m., on Friday, December 3, 1954.

F. T. Reed, Secretary of the Board of Trustees