Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
  Indiana University Archives / Digital Library Program

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Charles Cushman's Journey through the American Landscape, 1938-1969
An account of the growth of urban America, seen through the camera of Charles Cushman. Written by Eric Sandweiss, Carmony Associate Professor of History at Indiana University.

Color Film and Curiosity: Charles Cushman in Photographic Context
An analysis of Charles Cushman's work in connection to other documentary photographers. Written by Rich Remsberg, documentary photographer.

About Cushman

Charles Cushman Biography
A short history of milestones in Charles Cushman's life.

Cushman's Photographic Equipment
Pictures of Cushman's photographic equipment, now held at the Indiana University Archives.

Cushman's Earlier Works
A brief preview of the large collection of black & white photographs taken by Cushman now held at the Indiana University Archives.

About the Collection

Collection Description
An archival description of the contents of the Cushman collection, including the photographs seen on this site.

Conditions of Use and Copyright
Copyright and usage policies for the images from the Cushman collection.

Ordering Information
Online form to order reproductions of images from the Cushman collection.