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Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis, newly-named Vice President of the Bloomington campus, addresses those in attendance at a September 1980 BFC meeting. Photo courtesy Indiana University Archives.

The Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC) is a representative body of elected members from the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. During the early 1970s, Indiana University experienced a reorganization of the system administration which created a University Faculty Council responsible for faculty governance of the eight IU campuses and a Bloomington Faculty Council responsible for faculty governance on the Bloomington campus. With the adoption of the Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty of Indiana University on May 6, 1975, the authority of faculty members on the Bloomington campus was solidified.

The digitized BFC collection features two key documents: BFC minutes and circulars. The BFC minutes are verbatim transcriptions of the monthly BFC meetings from each academic year. The circulars are supplementary documents that often serve as the basis of discussions at BFC meetings and range in scope from Memorial Resolutions to policy changes in the Academic Calendar or Faculty Handbook.

This web site is the result of a cooperative project between the Indiana University Libraries Digital Collections Services, the Indiana University Archives, and the Bloomington Faculty Council Office to provide access to a growing number of meeting minutes and circulars on the web.

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