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Indiana University

Search Minutes and Circulars


Search Tips

Search Fields

Conduct a full text search of the meeting minutes and circulars.
Search by the year the minutes or circulars were recorded/published; enter the year in the following format: yyyy (e.g. 2001).


More than one term typed per search field will be interpreted as an AND search; all words entered will be searched. Use the Boolean menu; AND/OR typed into the search fields will be ignored.

Order of Operations

Order of operations is from left to right:
e.g. instruction* AND fiscal OR financ* will retrieve different results from fiscal OR financ* AND instruction*

Exact Phrase

Double-quotes ("") should be used to specify an exact search: e.g. "Indiana University Foundation" (but will not find "IU Foundation")


Broaden your search by using an asterisk (*) or question mark (?):
e.g. diplom* will find diploma, diplomatic . . .
e.g. wom?n will find woman and women

Date Range

Narrow your search by indicating a date range. Select the month and enter the year in the following format: yyyy (e.g. 1981). Currently, you can search minutes and circulars from 1997 to 2007.

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