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Benjamin Wallace Douglas

Benjamin Wallace Douglas (2/17/1882-12/6/1939) was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father William Willis Douglas was the founder of the Douglas and Carlon Printing House which later became the Hollenback Press. He graduated from Shortridge High School and attended the Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, but did not graduate from that institution. In 1904, he became a field agent for the Indiana State Board of Forestry and in 1907 became the Indiana State Entomologist. In 1911 he began growing fruit in Trevlac, Brown County, Indiana where he operated an orchard and cannery known as Hickory Hill Orchards. While Douglas was known as a conservationist and writer of books and articles, few people today realize that he was also an expert photographer who left his images to Indiana University just before his death in 1939.

Illinois and Washington Streets Biology Laboratory at Shortridge High School
Illinois and Washington Streets, Indianapolis. December 23, 1906. Biology Laboratory at Shortridge High School, Indianapolis. 1899.
Apple Pickers Railroad Construction Gang
Apple Pickers. Brown County, Indiana. 1918. Railroad Construction Gang. 1902.

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