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Barney Cowherd

Before coming to Indiana University in 1958, Elwood Martin "Barney" Cowherd was named National News Photographer of the Year in 1948. He worked as a copyboy for the Louisville Courier-Journal before becoming a staff photographer there in 1941. He returned to that position after serving as a U.S. Navy photographer during World War II.

Some of Cowherd's best photographs appeared in a book entitled Barney Cowherd: Photographer which shows some 166 photographs from Cowherd's career including images housed here in the IU Archives.

IU Fun Frolic Park West Dedication
Indiana University Fun Frolic. 1959. Park West Dedication, Indianapolis. 1967.
Crowd at Football Game. Rusk Demonstration at IU
Crowd at Football Game. IU vs. Baylor. September 21, 1968. Rusk Demonstration at Indiana University. October 31, 1967.

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