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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 80


  • “O COME,” the elder beetle said,
  • “For every one is safe in bed,
  • ’Tis time to seek our nightly bread.”
  • Then forth he crept with stealthy tread.
  • The clock ticked on—you would not deem
  • Aught could have broke that peace supreme,
  • The children slept, they scarce did dream,
  • The young moon cast a fitful gleam.
  • From crack and cranny beetles crept;
  • In black and polished coats they stept
  • Upon that floor, which Jane had swept.
  • Ah me! how fast those children slept!
  • The elder beetle scratched his head
  • And thought a moment—then he said:
  • “Follow me, children, and be fed.”
  • Forth to the larder door he led.
page: 81
  • The Cook turned in her sleep—too late!
  • She should have covered with a plate
  • The dish that none shall save from fate;
  • She dreams the clock is striking eight!
  • But ah! not yet the night has run,
  • Not yet appears the morning sun—
  • Cook’s handiwork is soon undone,
  • The tarts are eaten every one!