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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 74


  • KING SETHON of Egypt
  • Cried out in his woe,
  • “My kingdom will perish,
  • My race be brought low.
  • “Ruthless Sennacherib
  • With warriors draws near
  • To conquer our country
  • With arrow and spear.
  • “Our men are a handful;
  • In vain we contend;
  • Vain, vain is our struggle—
  • But short be the end!”
  • Beneath the clear starlight
  • Of Egypt he stood,
  • The invaders’ camp stretched
  • Far away like a wood;
page: 75
  • When lo! through the stillness
  • Arose a strange sound,
  • A scratching and scraping
  • Came up from the ground.
  • And thick as when corn‐blades
  • Each leaps forth a tongue,
  • Some thousands of field‐mice
  • From the warm soil sprung.
  • They scrambled up palings
  • And scaled pediments—
  • They sped past King Sethon
  • To the enemies’ tents.
  • And there helter‐skelter,
  • They seized on the quivers,
  • They nibbled the bowstrings,
  • Bit into shivers
  • The wooden shield‐handles
  • The enemies used,
  • Who woke in the morning
  • Surprised and confused!
page: 76
  • Without arms, defenceless,
  • They fled fast before
  • The happy Egyptians,
  • And came back no more.
  • Then a statue of Sethon
  • Was made—very grand—
  • A crown on his head and
  • A mouse in his hand!