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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 58


  • “I PAUSE,” said the train, “As the Signalman bade—
  • I pause in the dark: is my Driver afraid?
  • Alight all inside me, my passengers read
  • Or sleepily nod, when I tremble with speed.
  • “My Driver upstanding keeps watch through the dark—
  • Does he notice me throwing out spark upon spark?
  • Does my Driver indeed see just as I do,
  • And spell the new names of the towns we pass through?
  • “Great eyes glare upon us, green, yellow, and red—
  • Strange shapes in the banks our night fancies have bred!
  • My skin is of iron, my nerves are of steel,
  • But how does my warm‐blooded man‐driver feel?”