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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 31


  • A PENNY murmured to a purse:
  • “You feel so nice and smooth and warm—
  • I have stayed in many worse,—
  • Lacking comfort, wanting charm.
  • “I’ve passed my life with all degrees,
  • In wondrous journeys to and fro—
  • And tales of hardship or of ease—
  • You ask a penny—he will know!
  • “I can tell you, Purse, my friend,
  • Many weary weeks I’ve lain—
  • Wondering if the need to spend,
  • E’er would speed me forth again!
  • “Then as fate would have it so,
  • Ten times in a single day,
  • I’ve changed owners, until, oh!
  • I’d have given worlds to stay.
page: 32
  • “I’ve made my bed upon the floor,
  • In children’s pockets have I slept—
  • And once when I was all her store
  • A woman, parting with me, wept.
  • “A silent witness I have been,
  • Of life and death, of laughter, tears;
  • And here a word and there a scene
  • Will linger in my mind for years.”
  • And so the penny to the purse
  • (Until with sleep his eyes grew dim)
  • Did thus of many things converse,—
  • And then the purse told me of him.