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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 26


  • PRETTY mouse, I like to see
  • Your sparkling eyes look up at me!
  • Did you leave your home so snug
  • That I might see you on the rug?
  • I almost think you came to play
  • Because I’m not quite well to‐day;
  • You cannot speak,—I’m sure it’s true,
  • And it was very kind of you.
  • You need not start so, silly mouse,
  • There’s not a cat in all the house!
  • Besides, you see, I’ve shut the door,
  • So you can run all round the floor.
  • Come hither, and a morsel take
  • Of this most delicious cake.
  • You won’t—what do you mean to say,
  • Twisting your nose in that queer way?
page: 27
  • You don’t believe the cake is nice?
  • I’m sure it’s much too good for mice!
  • What, you won’t taste it! Well, then, don’t,
  • But I shall eat it if you won’t.
  • Ah! now the crumbs are falling fast,
  • So you’ve changed your mind at last,
  • And hither run in scrambling haste,
  • That you may have a little taste.
  • But, mouse, I’m quite ashamed to see
  • You eating crumbs so greedily!
  • If you go on so fast, you will
  • Most certainly be very ill.
  • You’ve had enough—you’re going back
  • To your small home behind the crack.
  • Why are you taking that large crumb?
  • No doubt to give your children some.
  • Dear mouse—then see—I’ll give you more,
  • Here’s a large crumb before your door.
  • There now—pull harder—pull it through,
  • And call your friends to feast with you.