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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 20


  • “I AM gouty,” said the arm‐chair
  • To the mantelpiece and fender,
  • “You would scarce perhaps believe it,
  • But my left foot is quite tender!
  • “At our fancy ball last midnight
  • I could hardly step the lancers,
  • But the ladies were so pressing—
  • They’d not take my ‘Noes’ for answers!
  • “There was little round Miss Table,
  • As charming as she’s pretty;
  • And the lovely Lady Fire Screen,—
  • To refuse her what a pity!
  • “Then my dear friend, Sophy Cushion,
  • In her graceful frills and flounces;
  • Oh what turns we’ve had together,
  • Though the spiteful say she bounces!
page: 21
  • “But my dancing days are over,
  • All my days of fun and chatter;
  • I must be content to sit here
  • And discuss more solid matter.”
  • Here the mantelpiece and fender,
  • By the fireside (as their choice is),
  • In the praise of quiet converse,
  • To console him raised their voices.