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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
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page: 112


  • GOOD‐BYE, sweet day—you will return no more,
  • Nor bring again that change of shade and sun;
  • Whatever future days may have in store,
  • This tranquil life of thine is spent and done.
  • Good‐bye, sweet day, then, if it must be so,
  • But let me thank you once before you go.
  • All I have thought and done is past—yet stays
  • Unalterable now, sealed fast and set;
  • The future’s mine to mould, the wise man says,
  • By what is past remains—’tis we forget.
  • Grant that I may in strength and wisdom grow
  • To love each day that comes, and use it so.
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