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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 100


  • RHYS and David hastened home,
  • For the night was well‐nigh come,
  • And their tired and heavy tread
  • Woke the birds who’d gone to bed.
  • The tired moon leaned on the hill,
  • Tired, the soft wind had grown still,
  • Bats and beetles were about,
  • And the stars peeped shyly out,
  • When Rhys stopped and said, “Why, hark!
  • Who is singing like a lark?
  • Listen! for more joyful things
  • Never woke from fiddle‐strings!
  • “It were madness to pass by
  • Such a sweet festivity.
  • Dance I must, and dance I will—
  • Go you, David, up the hill!”
page: 101
  • “Stay!” cried David, struck with fear,
  • “There’s no music in my ear—
  • I hear nothing but the call
  • Of you valley’s waterfall!”
  • Ah! too late, poor Rhys was gone;
  • David shouted, but went on.
  • When in bed, uneasy dreams
  • Crossed his sleep with evil gleams.
  • David saw Rhys all that night
  • Dancing by a shady light,
  • Dancing while he seemed to sing,
  • Dancing in a fairy ring!
  • Crowds of little folk were there—
  • (Strange their faces, wild their hair)—
  • Singing, dancing hand‐in‐hand,
  • As they do in fairyland!
  • David woke from sleep at last,
  • But his wild dreams held him fast;
  • So he dressed and hastened out,
  • Hoping to see Rhys about.
page: 102
  • Carefully he searched the hill,
  • Thinking Rhys might lie there still,
  • Sleeping under hedge or wall.
  • There was no sign of him at all!
  • But they found a ring of grass,
  • Green as mountain‐ash it was,
  • And the mark of tiny heels
  • Showed where elves had trod their reels!
  • Though many a year has passed away,
  • None have seen Rhys since that day!
  • Does he dance and does he sing
  • For ever in a Fairy Ring?