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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 86


  • IT WAS the mother Margaret,
  • To her daughter fair she said:
  • “Come now, my child, and listen to me,
  • Come stand beside my bed.
  • “No father thou, nor brother hast,
  • Thine uncle is hard and cruel,
  • Though he have wealth and we be poor,
  • Nor bread he gives nor fuel.
  • “But go thou now and say to him
  • That I am nigh to death;
  • Make haste, my child, and soon return,
  • For short am I of breath.”
  • And it was Lisa, her little daughter,
  • Out in the snow she went,
  • The cold stung like a living thing,
  • Hungry was she and spent.
page: 87
  • And it was Lisa, her little daughter,
  • That sought the mountain‐path;
  • She found her uncle, the wicked man,
  • Beside his blazing hearth.
  • Then did she weep and pray to him
  • That to her mother now,
  • Who lay so cold and near to death,
  • Some kindness he would show.
  • And it was her uncle, the cruel man,
  • In wrath he rose and cried:
  • “Sooner than give thee aught, my girl,
  • I’d blast my own hill‐side—
  • “Now get thee gone and come no more”;
  • Then Lisa fled in tears,
  • She took the downward path towards home,
  • His hard words in her ears.
  • And it was Kastler, the little brown dwarf,
  • Who stood in Lisa’s way,
  • And fast she would have fled from him,
  • But “Soft,” he bade her, “Stay;—
page: 88
  • “I’ve heard yon bad man’s words,” said he;
  • “Go to thy mother dear,
  • These herbs will take her ills away,
  • This cheese last many a year.”
  • Then did he give her herbs and cheese,
  • The little kind brown dwarf!
  • He patted Lisa’s cold blue cheek,
  • And skipped off with a laugh.
  • And it was Lisa, her little daughter,
  • Mother Margaret saw come in;
  • Soon as she tasted of the herbs
  • To heal she did begin.
  • And then good mother Margaret
  • She went to the cottage door,
  • “Good lack,” she cried, “thine uncle’s fields
  • On the hill‐side are no more.
  • “Naught’s there but rubbish and blasted rock
  • Where grass grew green anon!”
  • And it was Kastler, the little brown dwarf,
  • They fell a‐thinking on.