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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 49



  • DEAR CAT, I’m writing you this letter,
  • Which I shall send by post;
  • So, by‐and‐by, perhaps you’d better
  • Just say if it was lost.
  • I’ve got a nice large sheet of paper,
  • And, pussy—what d’you think!—
  • Some sealing‐wax, a smart red taper,
  • And a real pen and ink!
  • Dear Cat, how sadly I did cry
  • When Nurse, I, and Papa
  • Where all obliged to say good‐bye
  • To you and Grandmama.
  • I saw you on the steps, and John
  • Was standing at your side,
  • You watched us till we were quite gone,
  • Then, I suppose, you cried!
page: 50
  • Oh! puss, I have been so so sad
  • These two last rainy days,
  • And I kept thinking how we had
  • Such dear, delicious plays,
  • You and I, pussy, in the hall,
  • Jumping upon the chairs,
  • Scrambling for my elastic ball,
  • Running half‐way upstairs,
  • Until we met grave housemaid Jane
  • With dust‐pan and with broom,
  • Who always sent us back again
  • To the warm drawing‐room;
  • And there, before the tea‐bell rang,
  • We sat upon one stool,
  • Whilst you purred, pussy, and I sang,
  • Or else we played at school.
  • I taught you that two paws were two,
  • And twice two paws were four,
  • And tried to make you count your claws, but you
  • Would stick them in the floor!
page: 51
  • And so you never got to be
  • As wise as you were bid—
  • At least I was surprised to see
  • One evening what you did—
  • John brought the kettle in and stept—
  • With a black shining boot—
  • Between us, when you, pussy, leapt
  • And fastened on his foot.
  • You thought it was a rat, but oh!
  • When I had told you that
  • If John had fifty feet or so,
  • They couldn’t make one rat!
  • What cream we had for tea that night,
  • What games with cotton reels;
  • But no, puss, it upsets me quite,
  • One can’t help what one feels.
  • I’m crying now, so here I’ll end,
  • Dear Cat—best love to you—
  • Believe me, your own little friend,