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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 24


  • A PICTURE hung beside my bed,
  • Wherein the boat was painted red,
  • And in the blue sea and rusty frame
  • From day to day were just the same,
  • Till one night Ole Luk‐Oie spread
  • His big umbrella o’er my head.
  • And then like magic swift and strange
  • Within the picture came a change—
  • It seemed as if the sea took breath,
  • The clouds awoke, as though from death,
  • The fisherman bent to his oar,
  • And the small boat drew near the shore.
  • The waves foamed white upon the sands,
  • Some children ran and clapped their hands,
  • And little ships from far away
  • Came sailing towards the painted bay;
  • All this and such‐like wondrous things
  • Ole Luk‐Oie’s umbrella brings!