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Enchanted Tulips and Other Verses for Children. Keary, M. (Maud).
page: 7


  • THERE was a King of England once,
  • I shall not tell his name,
  • But what this King of England thought,
  • The people thought the same.
  • All that he said they listened to,
  • And called it wondrous wise;
  • On everything in earth or heaven
  • They looked with courtiers’ eyes.
  • To every one of his commands
  • They said, “So let it be.”
  • There never yet a monarch was
  • More absolute than he.
  • One day within his presence‐hall
  • Two men stood forth together—
  • One dressed in velvet and in gold,
  • The other clad in leather.
page: 8
  • The King said to his people,
  • “Remember what you’re told,
  • You may kick the man in leather,
  • You must kiss the man in gold.”
  • Whilst on a country walk one day,
  • The King espied a frog.
  • “Why, here,” said he, “I’ve found a most
  • Peculiar kind of dog!
  • “He shall have meat for breakfast,
  • Of milk three saucers full,
  • A golden collar for his neck,
  • And a bed of cotton‐wool.”
  • Then every courtier kept a frog
  • And called it a peculiar dog!