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The Story of an African Farm, vol. 1. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
page: vi


Several Dutch and Colonial words occurring in this work, the subjoined Glossary is given, explaining the principal.

Benaauwdheit = Indigestion.
In-span = To harness.
Kappje = A sun-bonnet.
Karroo = The wide sandy plains in some parts of South Africa.
Karroo-bushes = The bushes that take the place of grass on these plains.
Kartel = The bed fastened in an ox-waggon.
Kopje = A small hillock, or little head.
Meerkat = A small weasel-like animal.
Meiboss = Preserved and dried apricots.
Nachtmaal = The Lord's Supper.
Out-span = To unharness, or a place in the field where one unharnesses.
Predikant = Parson.
Reim = Leather rope.
Upsitting = In Boer courtship the man and girl are supposed to sit-up together the whole night.
Velschoens = Shoes of undressed leather.