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Stories, Dreams and Allegories. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
page: 138


I STOOD on the footstool of God’s throne, I, a saved soul, and I saw the prayers that rose up to heaven go up before him.

And they floated up ever in new shapes and forms. And one prayed for the life of her son, and the sufferer prayed for rest, and the wronged for redress, and the poor for food, and the rich for happiness, and the lonely for love, and the loved for faith. And amid them all I saw a prayer go up that was only this: “Give me power to forgive,” and it passed like a cloud of fire.

And years passed and I stood on the footstool of God’s throne again and saw the prayers go up, and all were changed: he who prayed for love prayed now for power, he who prayed for ease prayed now for strength, she who had prayed for her son prayed now for his child; but I noted one prayer that went up unchanged: “Give me power to forgive.”

Again years passed and I stood on the footstool of God’s throne once more, and saw the prayers go up. Then among them all I noted one I knew; it said only: “Give me power to forgive.”

page: 139

And years passed and I stood there again. And the prayers ascended, and were all changed. And I heard a prayer faint and low, which said: “Teach me to forgive.” And I said, “Surely this may be granted now,” for the voice grew weak.

And God said: “It is answered; even now I have sent Death with the message.”

Gersau, Switzerland. May 20, 1887.