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Stories, Dreams and Allegories. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
page: 134


A SOUL stood on the bank of the River of Life, and it had to cross it.

And first it found a reed, and it tried to cross with it. But the reed ran into its hand at the top in fine splinters and bent when it leaned on it. Then the soul found a staff and it tried to cross with it: and the sharp end ran into the ground, and the soul tried to draw it, but it could not; and it stood in the water by its staff.

Then it got out and found a broad thick log, and it said, “With this I will cross.” And it went down into the water. But the log was too buoyant, it floated, and almost drew the soul from its feet.

And the soul stood on the bank and cried: “Oh, River of Life! How am I to cross; I have tried all rods and they have failed me!”

And the River answered, “Cross me alone.”

And the soul went down into the water, and it crossed.

Amsteg, Thursday Night, May 1887.