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Stories, Dreams and Allegories. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
page: 129


THE Poet and the Thinker sought for truth.

God bent and held a hand to either.

To the poet he put out his hand from a cloudless vault of blue; the Poet saw it, and climbed.

To the Thinker God stretched his hand from the heart of a mighty cloud; the man looked up and saw it move: he mounted.

On far‐off mountain sides they laboured, looking upwards.

Then he who looked into the blue, cried: “Brother, you are wrong! What lies above you is but dark cloud; reach it—you will find it cold mist. In it you will wander for ever. Over me in the blue sky is that which calls me; I rise to it!”

The Thinker answered: “Fellow, you are dazed. The sun has shone too long upon your head. What lies above you is an empty vault of blue. Enter it, you will find it empty space; you will grasp—air! Over me in that dark storm cloud lives that which calls me: when the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls and the cloud is riven, I see illuminated that which beckons. I mount to it.”

page: 130

The Poet cried—“Fool!”

The Thinker—“Blind!”

They both mounted.

At last, when they were very tired, they reached their mountain summits.

God bent, and took his Poet in his left hand, and his Thinker in his right, and laid them in his breast. When they awoke, they were side by side upon the heart of God. One whispered, “By the left hand, I!”; the other, “By the right!” ... and they heard the truth beat.

Mentone, Riviera.