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Stories, Dreams and Allegories. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
page: 140


IN a far‐off world, God sent Two Spirits to work. The work he set them to do was to tunnel through a mountain. And they stood side by side and looked at it. And they began to work. They found that the place they had to work in was too narrow; their wings got interlocked. They saw they would never get through the mountain if they worked at it only from that one place.

And one spirit said to the other, “You stay here; I will go and work from the other side.”

And it flew away. And they worked on, each from his side of the mountain. And after years in the dark, each one heard the sound of the other’s axe, picking, and they knew they were getting near— that the other was at work.

But before they got to the centre, these spirits’ sleep‐time came; and God sent other spirits to take their work and place.

But they had heard each other’s axes picking, in the dark; that was enough for them.

Alassio, Riviera, Italy. April 1887.