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The Railway Children. Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858–1924.
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page: 295


  • His name is Parr: he says that he
  • Is given bread and milk for tea.
  • He says his father killed a bear.
  • He says his mother cuts his hair.
  • He wears goloshes when it's wet.
  • I've heard his people call him “Pet”!
  • He has no proper sense of shame;
  • He told the chaps his Christian name.
  • He cannot wicket-keep at all,
  • He's frightened of a cricket ball.
  • He reads, indoors, for hours and hours.
  • He knows the names of beastly flowers.
  • He says his French just like Mossoo—
  • A beastly stuck-up thing to do
  • He won't keep cave, shirks his turn
  • And says he came to school to learn!

page: 296

  • He won't play football, says it hurts;
  • He wouldn't fight with Paley Terts;
  • He couldn't whistle if he tried,
  • And when we laughed at him he cried!
  • Now, Wigsby Minor says that Parr
  • Is only like all new boys are.
  • I know when I first came to school
  • I wasn't such a jolly fool!
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