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Poems. Radford, Dollie.
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Dollie Radford

London Elkin Mathews, Vigo Street, W.

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  • AS still as a shadow falling,
  • As swift as a straying leaf,
  • And sweet as a windless morning,
  • At dawn when the days are brief,
  • Is a snare shall be set to enfold me,
  • Is a net shall be cast and shall hold me,
  • Shall gather my soul from grief.
  • And spun very fine the thread is,
  • As gossamer webs that seal
  • The dews in the folded blossom,
  • And trembling and faint I kneel,—
  • For my joy in the delicate weaving
  • That is made for my spirit’s receiving
  • With threads that are strong as steel.


To the new poems in this book I have added some of those published in ‘A Light Load’ and in ‘Songs and Other Verses.’ For permission to reprint several of the more recent I am indebted to the kindness of the editors of The English Review, The Nation, and Maclure’s Magazine. Mr. Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead has allowed me to add to these the three songs written for him to old music.

D. R.

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