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The Complete Poetical Works . Naden, Constance, 1858–1889.
page: 128


  • NOW is the Earth at rest from sun and storm;
  • And stripped of all her gems and vestures gay,
  • Gives thanks to Heaven, while weaklings can but pray:
  • In germs of life, uncouth of hue and form,
  • She feels the glory of the summer swarm,
  • And knows December not less rich than May;
  • For she is young as on her primal day,
  • And still beneath the snow her heart is warm.
  • All flowers and fruits are folded in her breast,
  • Waiting but fuller radiance from above;
  • And she lies dreaming of her destined hour,
  • All white and still, most like a soul at rest,
  • Rich in hid wealth, and strong in secret power,
  • Silent with joy, and pure with perfect love.