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The Complete Poetical Works . Naden, Constance, 1858–1889.
page: 126

OCTOBER, 1879.

  • THROUGH all the dolorous year mine eyes have sought
  • The ever‐living loveliness that cleaves
  • Even to dim grey skies and rain‐bent sheaves;
  • Still is my garden with such beauty fraught,
  • And bright azaleas flash me back my thought;
  • Their sunny flowers are fallen, but the leaves
  • Flame gold and scarlet, and my heart receives
  • Delight more full than spring or summer brought.
  • And I can twine a rich October crown
  • With branchlets of the golden‐tressëd birch,
  • Green cedar plumes, and beech‐leaves ruddy brown,
  • And woodbine gems, of pure translucent red;
  • Even some lonely flowers may cheer my search,
  • Sweet as new joys that spring when hope is dead.