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The Complete Poetical Works . Naden, Constance, 1858–1889.
page: 125


  • NO light of sun or moon can reach the seed
  • That blindly in the bosom of a flower
  • Ripens through summer, till its living power
  • Breaks the frail clasp that held it, and is freed:
  • Yet not with new‐found sunshine can it feed
  • The embryo life, that lighted but an hour
  • Waits long in utter night its glorious dower:
  • Cold grows the earth, and spring‐time shall not speed.
  • Not as when warm in fragrant gloom it lay,
  • But living hopeless, tombed in frost‐bound sod,
  • Now seems it poorer than the lifeless clod,
  • That lies above it, open to the day:
  • Yet Night shall keep her own, and lose not one,
  • And every child of Day shall find the sun.