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The Complete Poetical Works . Naden, Constance, 1858–1889.
page: 124


  • THE birds are singing, though it is not morn,
  • Though in the east no rays of glory shine:
  • Made clear by hope, their eyes and hearts divine
  • That in the dusky twilight, day is born.
  • Trusting they carol, though the heavens warn
  • Their fearless joy with many a threatening sign;
  • Though, still untinged with gold, the clouds combine,
  • While moans the rain‐fraught wind, a voice forlorn.
  • Yes, wake me with your warbling, happy birds,
  • That I may feel, before I see, the day;
  • That I may muse of hope, while in my heart
  • The notes translate themselves in gladsome words:
  • E’en plashing rain‐drops mingle with your lay,
  • And in its harmony the wind has part.