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The Complete Poetical Works . Naden, Constance, 1858–1889.
page: 143


  • MAN needs no dread unwonted Avatar
  • The secrets of the heavenly host to show;
  • From waves of light, their lustrous founts we know,
  • For every gleaming band and shadowed bar
  • Is fraught with homelike tidings from afar;
  • Each ripple, starting long decades ago,
  • Pulsing to earth its blue or golden glow,
  • Beats with the life of some immortal star.
  • A life to each minutest atom given—
  • Whether it find in Man’s own heart a place,
  • Or past the suns, in unimagined space—
  • That Earth may know herself a part of Heaven,
  • And see, wherever sun or spark is lit,
  • One Law, one Life, one Substance infinite.