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A Minor Poet and other Verse. Levy, Amy, 1861–1889.
page: 89


  • MOST wonderful and strange it seems, that I
  • Who but a little time ago was tost
  • High on the waves of passion and of pain,
  • With aching heart and wildly throbbing brain,
  • Who peered into the darkness, deeming vain
  • All things there found if but One thing were lost,
  • Thus calm and still and silent here should lie,
  • Watching and waiting,—waiting passively.
  • The dark has faded, and before mine eyes
  • Have long, grey flats expanded, dim and bare ;
  • And through the changing guises all things wear
  • Inevitable Law I recognise :
  • Yet in my heart a hint of feeling lies
  • Which half a hope and half is a despair.