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A Minor Poet and other Verse. Levy, Amy, 1861–1889.
page: 86

A Farewell.

(After Heine.)

  • THE sad rain falls from Heaven,
  • A sad bird pipes and sings ;
  • I am sitting here at my window
  • And watching the spires of “King’s.”
  • O fairest of all fair places,
  • Sweetest of all sweet towns !
  • With the birds, and the greyness and greenness,
  • And the men in caps and gowns.
  • All they that dwell within thee,
  • To leave are ever loth,
  • For one man gets friends, and another
  • Gets honour, and one gets both.
  • The sad rain falls from Heaven ;
  • My heart is great with woe—
  • I have neither a friend nor honour,
  • Yet I am sorry to go.