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A Minor Poet and other Verse. Levy, Amy, 1861–1889.
page: 74

A Dirge.

“Mein Herz, mein Herz ist traurig

Doch lustig leuchtet der Mai”

  • THERE’S May amid the meadows,
  • There’s May amid the trees ;
  • Her May‐time note the cuckoo
  • Sends forth upon the breeze.
  • Above the rippling river
  • May swallows skim and dart ;
  • November and December
  • Keep watch within my heart.
  • The spring breathes in the breezes,
  • The woods with wood‐notes ring,
  • And all the budding hedgerows
  • Are fragrant of the spring.
  • In secret, silent places
  • The live green things upstart ;
  • Ice‐bound, ice‐crown’d dwells winter
  • For ever in my heart.
page: 75
  • Upon the bridge I linger,
  • Near where the lime‐trees grow ;
  • Above, swart birds are circling,
  • Beneath, the stream runs slow.
  • A stripling and a maiden
  • Come wand’ring up the way ;
  • His eyes are glad with springtime,
  • Her face is fair with May.
  • Of warmth the sun and sweetness
  • All nature takes a part ;
  • The ice of all the ages
  • Weighs down upon my heart.