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A London Plane-Tree and other Verse. Levy, Amy, 1861–1889.
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A London Plane‐Tree and other Verse


Amy Levy

Cameo Series

T. Fisher Unwin Paternoster Sq.
London, E.C.

To Clementina Black.

  • More blest than was of old Diogenes,
  • I have not held my lantern up in vain.
  • Not mine, at least, this evil—to complain :
  • “There is none honest among all of these.”
  • Our hopes go down that sailed before the breeze ;
  • Our creeds upon the rock are rent in twain ;
  • Something it is, if at the last remain
  • One floating spar cast up by hungry seas.
  • The secret of our being, who can tell ?
  • To praise the gods and Fate is not my part ;
  • Evil I see, and pain ; within my heart
  • There is no voice that whispers : “All is well.”
  • Yet fair are days in summer ; and more fair
  • The growths of human goodness here and there.

A London Plane‐Tree.

Love, Dreams, and Death.

Moods and Thoughts.

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Odds and Ends.

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