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Common-Sense Country . Bevington, L. S. (Louisa Sarah), 1845–1895.
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Liberty Pamphlets.

In the Press.

  • Socialism in Danger. Part II. By E. Domela Nieuwenhuis. Translated by R. Grierson.
  • Parliamentary Politics in the Socialist Movement. By Errico Malatesta.

16 pp., 8vo., printed on toned paper, Price One Penny.

  • Jones’ Boy: Dialogues on Social Questions Between an ‘Enfant Terrible’ and his Father. By “Spokeshave.”
  • Liberty Lyrics By L.S. Bevington.
  • The Ideal and the Youth. By Elisée Reclus.
  • An Anarchist on Anarchy, By Elisée Reclus.
  • In Defence of Emma Goldmann and the Right of Expropriation. By Voltairine de Cleyre.
  • First Series. The Why I Ams: Why I Am a Socialist and an Atheist, by Conrad Naewiger; Why I Am a Social Democrat, by G. Bernard Shaw; Why I Am an Individualist Anarchist, by J. Armsden.
  • Second Series. The Why I Ams: Why I Am a Communist, by William Morris; Why I Am an Expropriationist, by L.S. Bevington.
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