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Common-Sense Country . Bevington, L. S. (Louisa Sarah), 1845–1895.
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Common‐Sense Country


L.S. Bevington

London Printed and Published by James Tochatti, “Liberty” Press, 60, Grove Park Terrace

Liberty Pamphlets.

In the Press.

  • Socialism in Danger. Part II. By E. Domela Nieuwenhuis. Translated by R. Grierson.
  • Parliamentary Politics in the Socialist Movement. By Errico Malatesta.

16 pp., 8vo., printed on toned paper, Price One Penny.

  • Jones’ Boy: Dialogues on Social Questions Between an ‘Enfant Terrible’ and his Father. By “Spokeshave.”
  • Liberty Lyrics By L.S. Bevington.
  • The Ideal and the Youth. By Elisée Reclus.
  • An Anarchist on Anarchy, By Elisée Reclus.
  • In Defence of Emma Goldmann and the Right of Expropriation. By Voltairine de Cleyre.
  • First Series. The Why I Ams: Why I Am a Socialist and an Atheist, by Conrad Naewiger; Why I Am a Social Democrat, by G. Bernard Shaw; Why I Am an Individualist Anarchist, by J. Armsden.
  • Second Series. The Why I Ams: Why I Am a Communist, by William Morris; Why I Am an Expropriationist, by L.S. Bevington.
Liberty: A Journal of Anarchist Communism.

Published Monthly. Price One Penny.

The Contributors Include Louise Michel, A. Hamon, W. Morris, P. Kropotkin, Errico Malatesta, Elisee Reclus, G.B. Shaw, L.S. Bevington, J. Glen, Touzeau Parris, and All the Best Writers and Thinkers in the Socialist Movement.

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