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A Closer Union: A Letter on the South African Union and the Principles of Government. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
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V. What should be the basis of representation?

It should be in no respect narrower than that now existing in any of our States. I hold, it should be adult franchise, with a high educational test. This would tell heavily against the natives, most of whom the educational test would exclude. I therefore think that, where natives are still living in large masses, under a tribal tenure, some arrangement should be made for their electing a certain if small number of direct representatives to the Federal Parliament; but all natives not still living under tribal tenure would of course come under the ordinary law for all citizens. I am in favour of an educational test, mainly because it may serve as a stimulus in the direction of education to both the poor whites and natives.

It has been suggested that the voters' roll as at present existing in each State should be taken as the basis of representation for the Federal Parliament. This would have this one immense advantage, that the more retrogressive States, with a narrow electoral basis, would be almost compelled to enlarge it, in order to obtain their adequate share of representation in the Central Parliament.