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A Closer Union: A Letter on the South African Union and the Principles of Government. Schreiner, Olive, 1855–1920.
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page: 61

New Books

  • Russia's Message: The True World Import of the Revolution. By WILLIAM ENGLISH WALLING. With 50 Illustrations and an Index. Royal 8vo, 476 pages. Cloth gilt, gilt top, 12s. 6d. nett.

    A study of the history and significance of the agitation in Russia, at once ‘a revolution, a reformation, and a renaissance.’ ‘Russia,’ thinks Mr. Walling, ‘has to offer the world something far greater even than a better and truer social philosophy or a larger conception and feeling about life; she is raising a new goal for all human endeavour.’

    “The present volume is not, like so many recent books on Russia, a funeral march over a revolution that has been, but an overture and a prophecy concerning a revolution that is to come. Mr. Walling can give good ground for the hope that is in him. He has spent a considerable time in Russia, has mixed with the leaders of all parties, has accumulated a vast store of information, and possesses the deeper knowledge that springs from sympathy. His book indeed is a book of faith in Russia's destiny. It may be something of a partisan statement, but it is well informed, idealistic, and absorbing.”—Daily News.

  • A Treasury of South African Poetry and Verse Selected and arranged by EDWARD HEATH CROUCH. 352 pages, crown 8vo. Cloth gilt, 3s. Soft leather, gilt edges, 5s. Second and enlarged edition. London: A. C. Fifield, 44 Fleet Street, E.C.

New Books

  • Natural Monopolies, in Relation to Social Democracy. By Charles Derwent Smith. Cloth gilt, 160 pages. 2s. 6d. nett. [In February.
  • The Public Health Agitation, 1833-1848. By B.L. Hutchins. Joint author of “A History of Factory Legislation.” (A series of lectures delivered at the London School of Economics in 1908.) Cloth gilt, 160 pages. 2s. 6d. nett. [In February.
  • The Fallacy of Speed. An Essay by Thomas F. Taylor. Grey boards, Fscap. 8vo. 1s. nett. [In February.
  • Socialism & National Minimum. By Mrs. Sidney Webb, Miss B.L. Hutchins and the Fabian Society. Fabian Socialist Series, No 6. Wrappers 6d. nett. ¼ cloth gilt top. 1s. nett. [In March.
  • Wastage of Child Life. By Dr. J. Johnston. Fabian Socialist Series, No. 7. Wrappers 6d. nett. ¼ cloth gilt top. 1s. nett. [In March.
  • “No Votes for Women.” A Reply to recent Anti-Suffrage Publications. By Lady Constance Lytton. 3d. Post free, 3½d. [In February.

In Preparation

  • God the Known and God the Unknown. By Samuel Butler, Author of “Erewhon.” (First issued in The Examiner in 1879, and not since republished). Crown 8vo. 1s. 6d. nett. [In March.
London: A. C. Fifield, 44 Fleet Street, E.C.
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